Well I just want to ask for prayers that I can remain marijuana free. This is one of my major struggles. I really did not want to give it up but I have not smoked pot in 5.5 months.

That’s pretty good huh! I miss it SO MUCH. But I have no idea at all who to get it from anymore. I’m afraid that if I did, I would go back to it. Sometimes the urge is overwhelming. The ONLY reason I don’t smoke it is because of God. That’s it. It is a sin I don’t like giving up.

Please pray for me. I smoked for 16 years, then didn’t touch it for 5 years, than smoked recreationally for another six years. I don’t know WHAT I am going to do if my state legalizes it. I’ll be in trouble. :slight_smile:


I suggest you join a 12-Step program (NA?)…our modern word for addictions was the word “devil” or “demons” used in the bible. Wealth, power, honor and pleasure are the tempters of our day. You need to get support to seek God first in all things…only then will you be free of this addiction.

Are you suggesting the Biblical references to “demons” and “the devil” are metaphors for addiction? Of course that is directly contrary to Church teachings.


Ave Maria gratia plena…

Pater noster qui es in caelis…

Gloria Patri…

Congratulations on being marijuana free for 5.5 months You’re doing well at this point.
I hope you have friends that can support you in your decision and help you along the way.
I pray for you for continued recovery.
St Maximilian Kolbe,
pray for us.

Would it help if you thought of it as a false god? Look at the movement to shove weed into the mainstream. Heck, it’s already there! The evangelizing is everywhere. They even had a “news” report on a marijuana center that is recruiting for management-level and is just not getting the diverse variety of applicants that they seek (WA State, so what do you expect?). Centers for the “medically needy” are being set up. The for-profit businesses are being treated like charities!

Outside of professional sports, weed is the new god.

Well said.

I don’t understand the appeal of pot. And I didn’t think it was addictive.

I can’t stand potheads. I haven’t met one that didn’t think they had all the answers to everything.

The appeal is, is that is gives you a very pleasant brain buzz. It must be somewhat addictive.

Wouldn’t call myself a “pot head” because I only did smoke about 1-2 X a week, and believe me, I am not the hippy type nor do I whatsoever think I have the answers to everything lol.

False God thing, yes I have thought of. Like TV and alcohol and everything else. I think my problem is the struggle of the flesh and flesh craves sex for some, and POT for others, it’s very pleasurable.

“The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” (Matt 26:41) Keep at it, you’ll conquer it by the grace of God.

With all due respect to the person who recommended that you seek out a 12 Step Program, there are some people for whom such programs are anathma- they do not work for them. I know because I am one of them. I would rather commit an obscene act in Macy’s store window at noon rather than participate in any sort of group therepy. It would have a completely negative effect on me.
I am a recovering alcoholic who had his last drink in November, 1976, the night Jimmie Carter got elected. I was in deep psychiatric therepy for both depression and my drinking problem when I had to finally admit to myself that i was an alcoholic.For me, it was one of the most devastating admissions I have ever had to make! At that time, with the help of my Psychiatrist, I quit drinking cold and have been dry ever since.
The way I was able to do it was to make staying off booze the number one thing in my life, barring only prayer.
The way I was able to do it was to say a little prayer each morning when I woke and my head was clear, asking Gd to please give me the strength to stay away from alcohol, The last thing I did at night before going to sleep and after my usual evening prayers, was to thank Gd for for giving me another dry day.
If you are not saying prayers each day, this might be a good time to start. Try it, it works!
And by the way, an occasional Rosary with the intention of having the Virgin Mary help you wouldn’t hurt…but don’t go crazy. Ease into it; start by saying a decade every other night or so until you get used to it. That way you won’t lose patience with the fact that sometimes it takes time for prayers to be answered. However, sooner or later if you are truely sincere and try to stay in a state of grace your prayers will be answered.
Good luck and G*d Bless!!!

My 12 Step experience:
Narcotics Anonymous saved my life. Find a meeting: www.na.org
Been clean now 23 years and still an active NA member.
Being clean and drug free has allowed me to develop a deep relationship with God, with my family and others.

Marijuana is addicting---- current medical research demonstrates it and that there is also an identifiable withdrawal syndrome (craving, depression, irritability, etc) upon cessation of use.

Praying to the Holy Spirit to give you strength & fortitude against your temptations.

Others have recommended this, and I will second it. Just because something is legal also doesn’t mean we have to do it.


I like your comment about the struggle of the flesh;
Matthew 26 The Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.
Lots of good advice on this thread,
you remain in my prayers.

No, I’m suggesting modern references to addiction fail to recognize the demonic elements still active in the world today.

Hi jenwha,

For future reference, this sounds like a prayer intention. You should post prayer intentions in the prayer intentions forum, located here: forums.catholic.com/forumdisplay.php?f=86

But I will happily pray for you! A great way to overcome addiction is penance. Fasting, cold showers, sleeping on the floor, abstaining from TV or the internet, etc. I wish you all the best!

I don’t see where pot is any worse than alcohol. As far as it being a “sin”. It would seem if that is a “sin” then drinking a glass of wine at night is also a “sin”.

Where in the bible does it say taking a toke is a sin??

I personally never liked pot. It made me unsure of everything and paranoid and gave me munchies. If it were legal in my state, I might try it out of curiosity because I could. But I’m sure I’d still hate it.

Where the sin comes in is the abuse of the alcohol or pot. Pot itself, is not a sin unless abused. And it seems to me alcohol is abused far more than pot. Alcohol brings out aggression in a lot of people and makes them angry and careless and sloppy. They kill people trying to drive drunk, get into fights, etc. Stoned people don’t get aggressive.

Just my 2 cents.

But since you apparently were abusing it - then its good you gave it up. Good for you.:thumbsup:

Well, if you use it in moderation, there is no sin. Moderation is the key word. ANYTHING can be used in moderation, from pot to Heroin, its only the user and his will to resist going any further, to the point of it actually being a sin.

I don’t think you should even try to use Heroin in moderation. :eek: Its one thing if you’re dying of cancer or something and they give you opiates to kill pain. But recreational heroin? That is like playing with a rattle snake. There is a reason there are so many addicts. You don’t play around with some things. Pot just isn’t anywhere near such categories as heroin and crack and such in my opinion. And I think that because things like heroin are so dangerous and addictive, that to use it - would in that case be a sin.

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