That’s not what my priest said when I confessed this for the last time!!!


The problem many people have is they cannot control themselves, and they actually want to get high, I know plenty of people that use Heroin and other opiates, but do not use them to get high, they use before going into work most of the time and do not take enough to get high, only enough to make them feel good, yet still be able to function, drive a car, maintain their job and its duties, etc. I know many people like this that have been doing this kind of thing for many many years, most of them are smart enough to keep it under control and ONLY use in moderation.

Moderation is the key, no matter whether its heroin, pot, cigarettes, or alcohol.

Well, a drug is a drug, whether its alcohol, cigarettes, Heroin, cocaine, etc. Alcohol is legal (for some reason), and they always say to use in moderation and do not drink to get drunk…why would they feel this way about alcohol, but any other kind of drug, they seem to think its better to not use at all? There is no difference, they are all drugs, its just some drugs are more socially acceptable than others.

Pot is on the fence, while it used to be totally unacceptable, it is now starting to become a socially acceptable thing, but this took many years to get to this point, and users still must use in moderation…the state police in effected states have even put up billboards reminding people not to use too much pot and then drive, so they are telling people to use in moderation.

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