Potatoes are heavy, but giveaway feels good

It only took an hour Saturday morning for 21 tons of potatoes to be given away.

Art Kistler, a hunger relief advocate for the Society of St. Andrew, said the United Methodist Men have been giving away the potatoes, gleaned from the fields of potato farmers after the autumn harvest, since 1993.

He said the people who come for the tubers are asked just one simple question: “We only ask them how many bags they want.”


Isn’t there a Bible verse encouraging farm owners to not harvest totally so that the poor can glean the fields?

I don’t live here but I am on a work assignment. This year in Georgia the farmers were giving away peanuts after the harvest. Don’t tell anyone but I have been feeding them to the hungry squirrels. I received 2 bags. I am not kidding. :whistle:

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