Potential Great Things to Do


Perhaps this can help some parishes to restore a greater sense of the sacred in our masses


I believe it could help many parishes!


More of the usual. If the OF could be made to look more like the EF, the Catholic Church would be saved. Just maybe, if the OF were more like the EF, those empty pews would be even emptier as people voted with their feet.


That does seem to be the point of the article.


Some of these things may be particularly difficult for some older parishioners, boomers and beyond, no doubt.

Huh? Every single thing listed is an old person/ old school thing. Why would it be hard? I should think boomers would remember this stuff from pre-Vatican II.


Hmm…I think a lot of them would mainly remember after the change or perhaps got so used to the changes (that vat ii did or did not allow) that happened during the period.


Because many, maybe most of them, liked the change to the NO. Some were excited about the changes and others embraced them more slowly and the idea of going back isn’t welcome for a variety of reasons. Some just don’t want changes that seem like change for the sake if change.


I am sure there are a wide section of people across all age groups that would not like these changes, or would like some, not care about others and dislike still others.
It just seems odd to single out one group of people. I have not seen tons of baby boomers active in the Church these days or expressing any strong preferences about keeping the “modern” Mass. To be honest - a lot of them seem to have just bailed on the Church entirely. The older people who stay are the ones who either like traditional things, or can take them or leave them. I’m also pretty sure Fr. Heilman is himself in the boomer generation.


I suspect you don’t know much about boomers then. Given that they are have the highest rate of attendance of all age groups (per CARA), there is precious little effort made by them to revise the rubrics of the OF.


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