Potential moral dilemma

I was thinking of setting up a pro-life society in college, however my parents are worried that it will stop me getting a job because it’s a controversial topic and possibly put myself at risk, but they will let me make the final decision. After hearing this, my interest has waned however I thought it would be a good idea to post this here just to gauge peoples opinions as to whether this is true or not and to ask for advice as to how I should proceed.

First of all pray about it. Let God speak to you. Then, if God is stirring your heart to do this apostolate, he will provide the way. You may be balckballed and you may be personally at risk, but if God wants you to do this, he will provide for your needs. If there is currently no pro-life group at your college, you should consult your parish priest or college chaplain (if s/he is not pro-abortion/anti-Catholic) about your desire to start one so you have him on board/as an advisor. If you cannot start it under the aupicious of your college or they won’t let you start one on campus, you can invite people to meet off campus as a group not affiliated with your college. Your parents are thinking of your well being and future happiness, but standing up for what is right should never be pushed aside merely for such considerations alone. You should be motivated by love of God and of neighbor and nothing else.

This is going to be easier for me to say than for you to accept and follow.

However, don’t let fear of what may NEVER come to pass keep you from following a path you feel you should be on.

You have no insight (none of us do) into who you will meet, who you will influence, and what doors will be opened to you by doing something as significant and important as leading a group of fellow students in defending life.

Stay true to your faith. Resist the baser forms of activism that are destructive and counter-productive.

I honestly think, if this is really a calling you are discerning, you will open FAR more doors than you might otherwise close. Assuming you put your full talent, heart and effort into it.


This isn’t really so much a moral dilemma as a prudential one.

It may be that some potential future employers would be put-off from your involvement in the society. Others may well respond favorably. It won’t destroy your career totally, however.

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