Potential pen pal project

(Posted on Our Franciscan Fiat)
Last evening, I happened upon a post on the Fargo Diocese Vocations page on Facebook which inspired me with an idea for our Fiat. A mother wrote in search of a religious sister to correspond with her young daughter as a “pen pal.”

When I was just a novice, helping out with Mother-Daughter Days in Hankinson, I was similarly approached by a mother and twelve year old daughter, asking if we could be pen pals. Eight years later, we are still in contact!

I was thinking last night, while getting ready for bed, about the possibility of doing something on this blog, matching up interested girls and young women with sisters from our community to be pen pals.

If you would be interested in taking part (either as a young person or as a corresponding Sister), please fill out this form. I think this could be a fun and beneficial program!

Though I am not a young woman, nor a Sister, I think this is a most wonderful idea! I pray for the success of such a program, asking our Lady for her intersessions and prayers.
God Bless you

Thanks for your prayers; I appreciate them!

We have six people who expressed interest…plus the mother of a four-year-old who offered that her daughter could send pictures though she can’t read and write yet.

Anyone know of something like this for an older person. Say age 48? :smiley:
Would anyone like to be penpals? :thumbsup:


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