Pot's in, tobacco's out in the Netherlands ban



Pot’s in, tobacco’s out in the Netherlands ban

AMSTERDAM - Starting July 1, marijuana will be the only leaf that can be smoked in public places in the Netherlands. Cannabis devotees aren’t celebrating.

Local pot smokers, who usually cut joints with tobacco, and owners of the coffee shops where they are allowed to light up will have to change their habits when the nation implements the indoor tobacco ban.
Puffing a pure marijuana cigarette in public will still be permitted; smoking one with tobacco will merit coffee shop owners a $466 fine.

“Every customer will have to learn how to smoke pure,” said Robert Kempen, co-owner of The NooN and Mellow Yellow in Amsterdam, which sells marijuana and hashish. The rule makes him “sick to death,” he said, rolling himself a joint.

Could I light up my Pall Mall if I proved it was getting me high?

What is it with the Dutch? For centuries they had the Calvinist clean-living, hardworking image nailed down but in the past 50 years they’ve blown that off with a vengeance.

It is called the disease of Relativism. It clouds the brain and causes cognitive disconnect. The loss of rational thought is only one of the symptoms.

Actually, there seems to be a lot of valid science backing up the claims that pot provides some medical benefits. I live in California and we have a medical marajuana law. Tobacco, on the other had, is a killer.

I did not know brain damage was a medical benefit. Or is that the Orwellian Doublespeak of Relativism saying that.

Marijuana holds brain consequences

Of course, the Relativists would want brain damaged people. Much easier to fool and control.

Medical Marijuana is a myth. PERIOD. The harmful side affects of pot STRONGLY outweigh the potential benefits, which are much more effective in an extract pill form that doesn’t involve getting high.

They are a bunch of reefer heads and we have to ask why they come up with crazy laws? Let’s have a study of the effect of second-hand marijuana smoke on legistlation.

Where’s your evidence to back that up?

At least weed is legalized somewhere. A country has finally realized that marijuana use is a public health issue not a criminal one. If only America could follow suit and believe in that.

Where is your evidence that it has medicinal properties. There is none except from the fabricated evidence by the agenda driven illegal drug advocates.

The Dutch seem to be the type of folk who will legalise everything and then after a period of time will see that it doesn’t work and will then make better decisions. Amsterdam is all set to clean up famed red light district.


Mayor Job Cohen unveiled plans to clean up Amsterdam’s historic prostitution district and the adjoining area around Central Station, the city’s gateway for most tourists.

Cohen said a move in 2000 to legalize prostitution failed to curb gangsters running Amsterdam’s sex trade.

Legalization “didn’t bring us what we hoped and expected,” he told reporters at the upscale Krasnapolsky Hotel on Dam Square, which backs onto the red-light district. “We want in part to reverse it, especially with regard to the exploitation of women in the sex industry.”

The two-pronged plan involves reselling buildings in the area to large commercial developers and cracking down on pimps and petty crime.

Give them time…give them time.

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