Potter's House Cathedral


The Potter’s House has just bought St. Joseph’s Church (Mt. Oliver) from the Catholic diocese here in Pittsburgh, and has commenced operations there renaming the facility the Potter’s House Cathedral.

What do they believe, and is it really proper for the Church to sell a church building to such a (presumably) heretical group?

I 'd feel it would have been a lot more appropriate if the church needed to sell the building , to sell it a less erratic Latin mass separatist group or have it converted into housing.


Slightly off-topic,but I hope this wasn’t one of our beautiful, old Churches? It kills me to see our beautiful, old, ornate churches sold - especially to other religions. I’m sure technically there is nothing wrong with it, but it just doesn’t seem right somehow.


St. Joseph’s isn’t particularly old, maybe 50 or 60 years old, but it is built in a traditional style


It is my understanding that there is a process or ceremony that is done or gone through when a church is no longer going to be used byt he Catholic Church. It is not something that is frequently done, but it is something that is done, on occasion.


In Mahnt Oliver n’at? :wink:

You can take me out of Pittsburgh but you can’t take Pittsburgh out of me. Ha Ha!


This group teaches error as it is Protestant and one of the newer sects at that. It is unfortunate that an old Church will house heresy but don’t forget the old Catholic church that was converted into “The Church Brewery”.

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