Poverty, Chastity and Obedience

Dear Friends,

Thanks for reading my second-ever post on this forum. My first was a few minutes ago!

I hope I am asking and posting in the correct way.

My question is this:

Last weekend a wonderful priest I met was discussing the evangelical counsels and said:

“The question of Chastity is whether we are living for this life or for the next”

My question is, what are the questions of poverty and obedience?

Are we living …

Thanks and God bless!


Hi Jason! Welcome to CAF!

Your priest is a very wise man. Maybe you should have talked to him about your concerns?

Anyways, let me try to answer you. Ultimately, all virtues should answer the question of “Are we living for this life or the next?”

Chastity: “Are we living for the pleasures of this life or the next?”

Poverty: “Are we living for the things of this life or the next?”

Obedience: “Are we living for the power of this life or the next?”

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