Hoi there just want to ask someone here, what is our church teacging on poverty alleviation with regards to having a successful family life and/or living?

I am not sure what you mean. Is your question about giving to the poor to the point that one’s children feel deprived?

what I mean is, is it only through giving to the poor the only means of decreasing poverty?

How do you define giving to the poor? Is it only handouts, monetary or otherwise? Or is it programs that help the poor access to programs that teach them to earn a living?

I used to be involved in literacy programs, programs that gave people loans to start their own small business and programs that helped people obtain a source of good clean drinking water.

People are poor for a multitude of reasons, and there are a lot of things we can do to help alleviate poverty.

Educational and vocational training is one thing. Another area might be working to improve access to transportation for the poor. Another might be providing childcare, especially for single parents. Still another might be medical clinics where the poor can get healthcare at an affordable cost. Not all of these require gifts of money necessarily. Our goal isn’t just to give money, but to set up a society where the poor can work and earn their own living, where practical.

Giving to the poor will not decrease poverty, only alleviate it in some cases. The poor need JOBS and JOB TRAINING so they can help themselves get out of poverty. The Church does ask us to give alms to the poor, but that will not solve the poverty problem.

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