Power of Catholic Sacraments

Conquering Lust in the Eucharist

I was sexually abused as a young person while still looking for and trying to find my roles as a person. This helped set me on the path of poisoned sexuality as the main purpose of life.

Then I had impure friends who increased my temptations to impure sexuality.

Also my abuser was male, so I fought to be heterosexual, abusing my girl friends and chasing pornography.

This lead me into a drug abuse lifestyle where sex was easier to find.

Of course, now I suffer with sexual transmitted diseases and drug passed diseases, this in part so I can warn you about the horrors of uncontrolled sexuality.

For 20 years I struggled to leave this life style completely seeking purity in many churches. I stayed married and didn’t as often fall but was tormented. Then finally it happened when I met Christ in the Eucharist. Then what a miracle it was as I finally found healing for a while. Now I make a week without Lust overcoming me and so every week I need help. With confession and then weekly receiving the power of the Eucharist, I continue in Christ’s healing.

Christ does give us the power of life by coming to us in the Eucharist and truly helps us to overcome the world!



Thank you for your post! :clapping:
You are brave and considerate to offer it as a witness to hope for others who are struggling.

May God continue to bless you…


I am so happy for you to have found some peace and healing at last, and for sharing it here!

best to you,


You have no idea how powerfully this testimony has affected me. God reward you for sharing. And may you be healed of every illness and of every propensity to sin.

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