Power of Prayer.... Apollo 13

I just finished watching the movie Apollo 13. Everything that could possibly go wrong, went wrong during their flight mission. But what struck me the most was a newsman asked for prayer. Today, prayer seems like a rare thing… (even more rare would a newsman ask for prayer). In my opinion, the astronauts of Apollo 13 survived because of our prayers. Prayer is far more powerful than most people think. Think about how often you pray… it’s never too much… pray, pray, pray!


I like the Power of Prayer. :thumbsup:


today if you ask for prayer publicly, a number of people would be “offended” :shrug:

Apollo 13 is one of my all time favorite movies! (Even though my Dad thinks it’s not accurate; but that’s what people always say when movies are made about their area of expertise.) I love how the geeks and nerds are the heroes. One of my favorite parts is where Jim Lovell says he’s completed his gimbals conversions but wants an arithmetic check. And the crew in Houston uses slide rules and mental calculations to check!

And I also love how the whole world is shown praying for the astronauts. It’s sad how we’ve become so much more secularized in the past 39 years. But I shouldn’t talk; I’m having a hard time remembering my family, parish, and Catholic school praying for the astronauts. I’m sure we did since the Apollo program was so important to my family and community.

I was flipping channels the other day and watched Apollo 13 for the first time since it was released (currently being run on HBO). I had forgotten about the announcer asking for people to pray for the astronauts, but was more amazed that he was reporting that congress had passed a resolution asking people to pray for them. That is something that could never happen now.

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