Power of Prayer Whether You're Catholic or Not


I have a wonderful testimony of a 78 year Nondenominational Bible Christian woman. We could all learn about prayer and service from her.

This spry lady took on a prison ministry 8-10 years ago. She goes two days a week for 5 hours each time and spends almost the entire time in prayer for and with the women at this prison. She has no other motivation than to serve the Lord.

A few weeks ago her 95 year old mother broke her hip. The moment that happened my friend took on the new roll of dealing with hospitals, doctors, and medical supply companies. Her mother would be living with her, and the doctors didn’t know if she would walk again.

The first time she returned to the prison after this happened, my friend told me she received a real blessing. Normally she would go from pod to pod where several women would wait for her to pray for them. That day as she walked into the first pod the women joined their hands and said, “today you won’t pray for us; we will pray for you”. At each pod the women would join hands and tell her the same thing. The entire time she was at the prison the women prisoners lifted her up in prayer and not one asked her to pray for them.

What a beautiful illustration of how our prayer and service impacts people no matter what denomination as long as it’s done for the Lord. It is also a good reminder that even though our reward isn’t always immediate, it is always powerful.


Great story, Wisdom. Clearly, Christ’s love is among those women and the lady who prays with them.

God bless,




Thanks for the reply. Your signature St. Ignatius quote is great and really applies here doesn’t it?


Thanks, Wisdom. Actually, your post is what reminded me to put the quote in my signature. It’s one of my favorite quotes of the early church fathers. Interestingly enough, I found it in Timothy Ware’s book, *The Orthodox Church. *Though God may choose to work through His Church, His love is ultimately not bound by any human institution :slight_smile: .

God bless,


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