Power of the Rosary: The Secret of Mary


The Rosary is one of the greatest prayers ever composed. Like hymns, it is timeless and beautiful. Like the Liturgy, it unites and fills us with wonder and draws us toward Christ. But what is the Rosary’s secret power, so to speak?

The Mystery of Christ! For it is the Holy Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ which has crushed the serpent’s head, and this Most Perfect Sacrifice of the Lamb of God changed history and reality, forever. No more do demons hold man in bondage; now they are like dogs on leashes. No more dose evil put fear into man’s heart (though men may fear evil); now Christ uses sufferings to save men and He conquers sin with His Mercy and injustice with His Judgemet. No more do the lowly suffer in vain; their suffering is as the labor pains of a mother, which shall give birth to heavenly glory. Prayer, united to Jesus Christ, becomes all-powerful, for the Grace of Christ descends and the darkness scatters in fear. The Death of Christ was a pivatol momet in time and space and reality; for it brought forth what God had planned of old, that Adam should not be lost but redeemed, and that Israel should not suffer in vain, and that Mary should not be conceived in sin, and that the Church should triumph in persecution, and that Christ come in glory to judge the living and the dead. It can even be said, that just as He transformed bread and wine into Himself, so too, He has transformed physical evil into goodness, a share in His redemptive sufferings on the Cross.

By the Mystery of Christ, which we ponder upon in the Rosarian mysteries, we participate spiritually in them, present in spirit at each and every moment of Christ’s life, just as we are present in spirit with Christ in the Blessed Sacramet when we make an act of spiritual communion. This spiritual participation in Christ’s Mysteries is the effect of meditating upon Him, of the prayer of meditation, not simply of the Rosary but all meditation upon Christ’s holy life, yet, as grand it is, it is only a preparation for literal participation in Calvary at the Mass, just as spiritual communion is a preparation for participation at Mass.

However, such participation in Christ’s Mysteries requires humility and simplicity, a childlike attitude if you will, for, pride and arrogance, as shown in Judas, leads to a fruitless life and, eventually, destruction. Sin cannot enter into the Mystery of Jesus, and sin diminishes our understanding of Him. It makes us dumb, whereas He wants to make us wise. So if we humbly and simply meditate on Christ, we will bear the fruit of such meditation, and we may even ask Him to help us to imitate Him in His Mysteries - as we ask Him to in the Rosary. Participation in Christ’s life means precisely imitating His life - this is shown best by Mary, who closely united herself to Jesus in prayer, love, and humility: not only because Jesus made her like Himself by giving her the gift of holiness but also because, by the exercise of her free-will, she freely chose to love and serve God. And we, too, can freely choose to love and serve God, even if sinners, for He can give us more love to love Him with more and wash us clean of sin and sanctify us, particularly if we persistantly beg Him to make us holy, make us saints, for only He can do this, only He can draw out of nothingness greatness!

This is the secret of Mary, this is the power of the Rosary. The Devil cannot stand such power, which God has given us through Mary, His Mediatrix, because it shows the Power of God and it destroys his work in souls, whom he wishes to lead away from Jesus Christ and reign in as king.


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