Power of the Rosary


As I continue to pray about my faith and potential journey across the Tiber and some difficult family issues (my daughter is ill), I have started praying the rosary often. This is itself, faith building and comforting. Just a few days ago I purchased a rosary to keep in my office so I can pray during walks in the afternoon.

This morning I had an urge to pray the rosary and decided to take a walk to do so. I promise the timing of this was totally random (my habit is to do this in the late afternoon). As I started my walk, I was drawn to go the Catholic Church down the street - I just felt praying the rosary there (which I haven’t done before) would bring me closer to Mary and to God. I entered the Church, set down in the pew, took out my rosary and started to pray. I had only just started the Apostles Creed at the begining of my rosary prayer with my eyes closed when I heard the voice of a Priest (who was not there when I started to pray) announce - “as we pray the rosary”. I opened my eyes and could not believe it - I had walked right into the Church’s rosary service which began just after I finished my meditation and had begun the rosary. I enjoyed a wonderful spirit filled prayer session with the rosary led by the Priest and with other congregants.

A coincidence?- perhaps - but the tears in my eyes tell me not.

I just wanted to share this story - God works in mysterious and glorious ways.




I like to call it a Godincidence… :wink: :smiley:

Thank you for sharing, and yes, God certainly does work in mysterious and glorious ways! Praying for the return of good health for your daughter (I’ll remember her in my chaplet of Divine Mercy later today) and that you’ll join us on this side of the Tiber. :smiley: :crossrc:


The power of the Rosary is wonderful. To the back-drop of the Hail Marys, and Holy Marys we can deeply enter into the life of Jesus and Mary. Each decate congures up a particular picture of the mystery and we can imagine every second of that decade
The Rosary contains the life of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, from the announcation, and birth of Jesus, ( where the Son of God had no place to be born) to the cruficition where His Mother had nowhere to bury Him. The Rosary contains all our beliefs -the entire Gospel which we can offer up to the Mother of God. I like to look at the Rosary as an unbroken circle with Jesus at the top on the Cross…Through the Rosary we can get to know Mary Mother of God and OUR Mother, Queen of Heaven but a very Maternial earthly Mother as well.
Our Blessed Mother loves to be called Queen of the Rosary
and I love to do her this Honour:)
Our Blessed Mother bestoes on us such graces through devotion to Her Rosary.:slight_smile:
Hail Mary full of Grace pray for us.


The desire to come closer to Mary and Jesus often gives us many joyful surprises. It did happen to me today as I decided to take break at work around 3:00pm to walk over the church nearby. I thought the church was closed because I came there during this time before and I couldn’t get in. However, I decided to go there and to sit in the outside garden near the statue of the Our Heavenly Mother. As I was walking around the side of the church, something urged me to try open the side-door; I followed this urge and said to myself “why not! if it doesn’t open…at least I tried”. To my surprise, the door wasn’t locked. I was so happy going inside and prayed the Divine Mercy - it was a very special invitation to me, and I was just crying for 5 minutes before I could start the prayer.


This was no coincidence. You were lead to the Church by God.

The Rosary is a beautiful and powerful method of prayer. I have received many graces through the recitation of the Rosary. The Rosary has enabled me to defeat sins and has drawn me closer to Our Lord.

The Rosary is not a human invention. It was given to St. Dominic by Our Blessed Mother. It has changed throughout the centuries, but the basic prayer was revealed to Holy Father Dominic as a means to defeat heresy.

The Rosary has been endorsed by scores of Saints and Popes. Pope John Paul II once stated that the Rosary was his favourite form of prayer. His encyclical Rosarium Virginis Mariae is an excellent treatise on the Rosary. St Padre Pio called the Rosary his “Weapon.”

I encourage everyone to pray the Rosary.


Actually a few nights ago I put a rosary over my window facing outside… I have one on my bedpost and to on the other end of my bed…

I began praying my "Hail Mary"s Friday night since I would be meeting my roomates and suitemates the next day.

I prayed that all would be Christian… regardless of the fact that I’m becoming Catholic and most students are Protestants. But better Protestant Christians than no Christians at all.

The next day, I came to find out all five of us are Christians. One is actually planning on attending Mass with me one day.

Jesus still obeys His Mother, even in Heaven… That is something I was never taught as a Protestant but rings so true in my heart.


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