The power to do, the power to speak, in who’s hands should that be?

Seeing that mankind is given such, who is the judge of that?


I don’t understand your question. Could you elaborate more with an example?

Only the Church’s Magisterium has the “power” to teach doctrine authoritatively. Others may still repeat the teaching of the Church, but they don’t have the “power” to teach and define doctrine. Make sense?

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What makes sense, or is apparent, is that you trust Only the Church’s Magisterium to be the “power” to teach doctrine authoritatively.


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I don’t mean to evasive or what ever. But as I understand it, an explanation might be detrimental to the possible answer. May be that don’t make sense, but there it is. Heck take pot shot at it, nobody’s going to crucify you or something.


Based on this, I would agree with the others. Christ appointed a group of men both in doctrine and in spirit to teach and spread the word, and they have done so dutifully for over two millennia. Where other faiths bend to society’s whims, Truth stays firm against such surges of fickleness, just as God is, is ever-present and never-changing.

The guardians of the truths needed for right living and salvation are entrusted to the Catholic Church. I do believe some other faiths have received truths that apply to this, but they are more heralds of such truths rather than the interpreters and guardians. Such messengers are also hard to discern as to their validity.


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Though yes, your statement is grounded in sound thinking, but consider, that which was given in the hand of Moses is infallible, and was kept and guarded, to the point you can now still read with confidence that it is true. It does not mean that the hands in which it was given to, is infallible. But why didn’t the same guardians see the Presence of their God in the flesh?

The same is with the Gospel.

Nothing can kept you from knowing God your Father who is in Heaven through His Son, His Word in His Holy Presence.
Nothing can kept God from knowing that you are, and that you are welcome in His Kingdom that has no end. Nothing made, for all things are made by His Word in His Presence, and God is not made. And that my friend, is what is infallible.

I would note a significant point of definition here that I learned recently from a CAL broadcast.

The Bible, as the inspired Word of God, is inerrant. That means that, properly interpreted, nothing in the Bible contains error.

The pope can speak on issues of faith and morality, based on Church teaching, with the gift of infallibility.

Seems natural, doesn’t it? The written word of God has no error, and the Chair of Peter, when defining what has been written and handed down, cannot speak in error.

Why? Because both Scripture and the Magisterium are guided by the Holy Spirit.

If that were not true, we are all wasting our time.

Though your position is always the prayer of believers surly even those who it is given to be among other then Catholics would consider it a true blessing. If the entrusted do as entrusted.

Which history shows the entrusted do not always do as entrusted, even though the Lord retains Israel as the people Israel by virtue of His Promise to Abraham.

The Bible is none controversial no matter who interprets it. Just as the Word of God is the Truth no matter what is believed or said of God’s Word. And God makes His Presence known with whom ever He pleases. The beginning and the end Is Jesus my friend. And is the Foundation of the world (human existence) and is the Mercy and Grace of God to mankind of which is never a waste of time.

But interpretations can be highly controversial if by private individuals and non-Catholics, neither of whom have the authority to interpret scripture definitively.
The Catholic Church was entrusted with the Deposit of Faith and given Authority by Christ and it has never betrayed that trust.

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Sorry I did not reply sooner I was away for a few days.

Not to be offensive, but wasn’t that the very position the Pharisees and Sadducees (mit scribes) insisted they had at the time of Christ?

The bible has been used to justify slavery, hatred and many other sins. Yes, the bible can be controversial if put in the wrong hands.

Anything trusted in a society, culture, community, nation, can be used to justify slavery, hatred and many other sins.

The Bible is not controversial, it is man who seeks controversy to justify his own choices of what is good and evil.

It’s a simple lessen at the Cross. Authorities insisted, that their interpretations justify their choice to reject the Presence of the Holy One of Israel, the Truth, with them. But that does not change who and what Jesus the Christ is, does it?

To be perfect is to be made, fulfilled, completed. The interpretation is Christ Jesus and also the fulfillment. The Son of Man was made to fulfill all Commandments to man in the Son of Man to God the Father’s satisfaction, hence completed, “it is done”. Which requires the Son of God, the Word of God, from God, in the Presence of God ( Power of the Holy Spirit) for the Son of Man to fulfill all Commandments and live beyond the grave.

The only history that matters is what God does in the world, not what man does in the world. Therefore who has the Power?

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