Powerful Solar Storm Could Shut Down U.S. for Months


A new study from the National Academy of Sciences outlines grim possibilities on Earth for a worst-case scenario solar storm.

Damage to power grids and other communications systems could be catastrophic, the scientists conclude, with effects leading to a potential loss of governmental control of the situation.

The prediction is based in part on major solar storm in 1859 caused telegraph wires to short out in the United States and Europe, igniting widespread fires.

For some reason, there has been several news article in the past few weeks and months that seem to deal with potential “end-of-the-world” scenarios or major cataclysms. I find the subject interesting and it makes me realize just how vulnerable our modern society is. Am I the only one who feels that our civil defense and disaster preparation are seriously underfunded and ignored?

The past few weeks and months? For years, the American media has sought to keep Americans in a constant state of fear. Off the top of my head, I’ll tick off a number of things that were supposed to be catastrophes for us:

-whole colonies of bees dying off
-bird flu
-west nile virus

And when have you EVER heard a news story along the lines of “the threat has passed, you can relax?” They keep you scared so they can influence how you spend your money, as evidenced by your own question of whether or not we’re giving the right people enough money. Don’t buy into their infotainment ****. Journalism is dead in this country.

Not to worry, we’re in a solar minimum (brought about by all those SUVs no doubt).

If you like to keep an eye on solar weather (like I do because I am in the satellite communications business) this is a very good web site:


I read the article. They are saying 2012:rolleyes:

More reasons to fall off the grid and go below the radar.

I guess I won’t cancel my house phone line.

Wasn’t Y2K supposed to wreck havoc in 2000 as well? :rolleyes:

If not 2012, maybe it’s 2024…or 2048…etc.

Fear mongers trying to strike fear in our lives.

The doomsday people have somehow missed noticing the Congress of the United States. :eek:

Not all :smiley:

If it doesn’t happen soon it won’t as Bush will be out of office.:slight_smile:

I am prepared. I have stuff that will last 992 years until the millinium.

I can see it now, enjoying a great bottle of 900 year old scotch.


Never fear. If there is a solar storm in 2012, Bush will still be blamed.

Uh, you wouldn’t consider, um, sharing then, would you?

Come to think of it, I will, by that time, have some 1100 year old dry sherry. Maybe we could work something out?:slight_smile:



Shutting off power for as long as this ‘storm’ lasts would solve the problem right? If there’s no current flowing there’s no magnetism and the device won’t be affected right?


Alright now, which one of you have been over on www.spiritdaily.com and reading the doomsday predictions again? I will say this, they are a little more believable than that “catholicplanet” guy! He’s still waiting for Hilary to become president in the next few months!

On a more serious note, those of you that posted you had supplies to last another thousand years… you might be a little over-prepared, but better to err on the side of caution. Indiana was hit with major flooding and tornados early last summer and I’m glad my parents had a large supply of non-perishables and drinking water since they were unable to get out of the lake region they live for several days following one of the floods. It makes you think it’s not a bad idea of stock up on certain things…weather is unpredictable and an ice storm or blizzard can cripple a quick trip to the neighborhood grocery, as can a tornado, hurricane, or flooding, depending on where you live.

I’m not a scientist or engineer but I don’t think that is how it works. From what I understand, this might be similar to the electromagnetic pulse released by an exploding nuclear weapon. Just shutting down electronics and computers will not spare them from the effects. I would imagine it is the same with a solar storm. However, I am not certain.

I agree that disaster preparation at the personal level is a must. We live in a world that isn’t exactly the safest and while civilization ending cataclysms, like a powerful solar storm or supervolcanic eruption are possible though unlikely, tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, and other natural disasters are actually quite likely. We should try to be prepared for that kind of thing, especially considering that civil defense and disaster preparation at a governmental level in the United States is a joke at best. I believe that is unacceptable.

And so this stays kind of related to Catholicism, is there a moral duty, according to Catholic teaching, to be prepared and for governments to be prepared?

Pray, hope, and don’t worry. Anxiety is useless.

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