Powers of confirmed catholic


If a confirmed catholic regularly recieves the sacraments what will he become? I think I know the answer, but experience shows that the outcomes vary by person.
I am asking because i have been responding to many threads in weeks past and it seems that “I know it all.” I mean by that can answer any dilemma (worth answering) and my memory for the scriptures is fairly sharp – as where I will forget where i left my notebooks and favorite writing implements:D Am i deluded in thinking that the gospels and OT have in them all we need to answer questions on the church’s teaching, or is it really true? anyone


We all have free will. A person who is confirmed and regularly receives the sacraments can fall away, as can someone who is not practicing. I don’t think we can assume any one outcome.

We are not people of a book. So, no, the scriptures do not contain all we need to know.


There’s really more than one question you are asking, as I see it. :slight_smile:

Firstly, yes, Jesus said not to worry about what to say when we stand to defend your faith because the Holy Spirit would bring to mind what we should say. I’m in the same boat memory wise. I have a memory like a sieve, but I can bring forward teachings and scripture without thinking when writing on the forum.

As to every Church teaching being in the Bible, yes and no. Not everything the Church teaches/practices has a corresponding explicit scriptural reference, but we certainly can say that everything the Church teaches is witnessed to in Scripture and that nothing the Church teaches contradicts Scripture. The Church teaches there are 4 ways to interpret biblical texts, so we have to have some knowledge of what the author intended to convey and what the Holy Spirit is teaching us by those methods of interpretation.


No. We are not people of a book. But that is “we”. There very well might be an individual person for whom the book is everything. And does not scripture form the “axioms” of all we teach; or its basic philosohoy in one form or another?

I agree with all you say; and confirmaton is, I think, as you say, far more than book knowledge.


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