Ppsimmons channel is gone

anyone know what happened?

the youtube channel i mean.

and W L Craig’s fan channel Dr. Craigsvideos has been closed too.

what’s up??

I emailed Reasonable Faith webmaster a few days ago about it.

This was their response:

‘We are working on getting it restored but it may take a few days. We’re still waiting for an explanation from YouTube for why it was taken down, which we’ll hopefully have in the next day. If we’re unable to get drcraigvideos restored, we’ll get an alternative option up asap.’

Their website says:

Important: YouTube is currently restricting access to our videos hosted with them. We strongly disagree with YouTube’s decision to terminate the “drcraigvideos” account and are working diligently to have it restored.


Reasonablefaith.org have set up a new YouTube account:


thank you A.

More Dr Craig videos are being posted here:




if you liked ppsimmons videos, there now on Carl Gallups youtube channel.

i like them.

ppsimmons channel is back on youtube.

youtube.com/drcraigvideos is back.

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