Practical modesty


I was wondering if any other ladies on this forum have felt a pull to dress more modestly, and if you have, what changes have you made to your wardrobe. Because they’re more comfortable for me, I’ve been wearing, every day, some long denim skirts I bought a while back for church wear.

On the occasions I’ve been out walking in the neighborhood in my skirts (they’re fairly long), I often get compliments from the older neighbors. My neighbor Ken, who is in his 70s, bless his heart, always tells me “how pretty” I look. :o I think he is probably sentimental for his youth when women wore skirts more often, I suppose.

I’ve also noticed I get treated more politely when I’m shopping or out and about, when I am dressed in my skirts. Not just by older folks, but the young teenagers as well. I was wondering if any other ladies have had similar experiences.

I told my DH that I am probably going to be investing in some jumpers to wear, and more skirts, and he said, “Fine. But don’t throw out your jeans, because you never know, in a year or two you might be sick of skirts.”

Have any ladies here just worn skirts, no pants or shorts, for a long time? And do you find it’s hard to do all your daily chores? I’m a SAHM and homeschooler, and often am out gardening or doing other outside work.


No I have never worn exclusively skirts. In the summers I really like skirts as well as capris - no shorts for me because the manufacturers idea is shorter than I want except this year, there are far more bermuda shorts on the market than there used to be. Even notice this at the mall yesterday.

I don’t find that skirts are more modest though than pants. I find that it is harder to find modest shirts than anything else. If you get something that is v-necked it is often too low cut for my comfort, boat-necks tend to show off my bra straps because they are too wide and some of my other really cute shirts do the same :(.

Brenda V.


Shirts are hard. I tend to find the most modest ones at Target, I think they’re the Cherokee crew neck t shirts. In fall and winter they have long-sleeved ones, which I love and wear as often as I can.


I just can’t seem to find anywhere that sells long denim skirts… where do you get them?


I have a large collection of plain colored tank tops for this reason. I bought a bunch of v-neck shirts which are VERY low cut, and I wear a tank top underneath it for modesty. I also really like the layered look and I love mixing and matching colors.


I found mine last year at Kohl’s, in the Sonoma wear section. I think they were a fluke–i haven’t seen them since! They go down past mid calf and are paneled, so they swirl just a little. They’re a nice thin denim, so not too hot.

Now that i’m looking for a little more selection in my wardrobe, I have been hunting online and found this:

And Vermont Country Store has some very nice-looking long denim jumpers, and long skirts, that I’m considering. I would love to have some jumpers to wear–I like the comfort and they look to me a bit more casual.


I kind of like this one:

from this web


I think its awesome that many of you could pull off these skirts! I look horrible in them because 1) I am curvy and 2) I am only 4’11. Unless its a super mini skirt most skirts go past my knees unless they’re a petite size.


Understand… I am 5’7" but all leg… have to wear talls in all my pants… hate shopping because pants are always too short or will be after first wash… I get so depressed! I love skirts because you can wear them at any length and it doesn’t matter, but this website has Talls and Very Talls…


That’s me, just add another inch to your height. I will buy jeans, love them and then they shrink and I look like Steve Urkel. :stuck_out_tongue: I also hate, hate, hate the “low rise” jean trend. They’re so uncomfortable, especially if you’ve had a few kids and your tummy is not quite, ahem, at its best. Skirts are just more comfortable throughout the day for me.

Does that site only accept PayPal? I don’t use paypal, prefer to use a credit card.


I understand. I am 5’4", but everybody is taller than I. Everybody. And I have battle-ship hips. No way I could pull off that skirt.

I am a jeans person, and wear well-cut dockers otherwise, unless it is a dress occasion.


If you receive compliments because of your clothes, change them. Try to pass unnoticed.


For denim and other modest skirts- with pockets, which has become a must for me, check out - they have regular and petites for affordable prices. I get all mine there.


AMEN!!! I hate low rise too… at least after 4 kids… But I prefer paypal because if they don’t deliver you have a better chance of getting your money back… learned the hard way… spent way too much on a cell phone that never got delivered…and I never got my money back!


Yup. I find skirts on me are much more immodest than a pair of tailored slacks, such as from Ann Taylor or Express.

I have to wear dressy-business for my job so I don’t run into the immodesty issue too often. Most tops are button-up with collars and the slacks are conservative. No jeans or tees allowed.

The one problem I have is finding business-dressy shirts for women that buttton all the way up while not making my figure look strange. Many of the younger/fashion tops are made to show off cleavage. But I’ve found that a good cami underneath actually makes even more stylish and modest.

For church, I have to wear dresses only and I put a shrug over the top as most young adult dresses are bound to be sleeveless or show cleavage. :rolleyes: Or else I have to wear very loose fitting, long “flowy” skirts from the senior citizen’s department. (No offense meant.)


Christopher and Banks has some cute stuff.


I have shopped there… alot of their stuff just looks too old for me… I know I am old but… I just don’t dress old.


:confused: Okay, I have never understood this. If I am wearing something that is modest, and comfortable, and for me, practical, and my elderly neighbor says, “You’re looking nice today,” I should go put something else on? That makes no sense to me. I happen to have very nice neighbors who always try to say something positive. I think I would be hard pressed to find an outfit where they didn’t offer a compliment. They’re just like that.

Most people don’t say anything. However, the one day I did go to meet another homeschooling mom and I happened to wear jeans (my skirts were all in the wash, bad planning) she made a comment, “I think this is the first time i’ve seen you in jeans!” I guess that means I shouldn’t wear jeans around her. But around my neighbors, I would have to wear jeans, not a skirt, because a skirt would cause comment. :shrug:

At some point we need to dress for our comfort, and practicality, AND modesty, and let the chips fall where they may.


That depends entirely on the nature of the compliments and what it takes to “pass unnoticed”! :rolleyes:

I can appreciate the desire to not want your clothing to be the thing that is the most remarkable about you: the holy women having adorned themselves with virtue, as the Apostle noted. There are some people, though, who will only fail to compliment you if you fall in the category of “If you can’t say something nice…” :smiley:

As for necklines…those of us who are 5’4" need to take into account, too, that cleavage that is covered from our eye level may be quite a bit more noticeable from the vantage point of 6’2"! :eek:


Yes, exactly! When my neighbor compliments me when I’m wearing a skirt, I know he’s not being…erm, inappropriate. He adores his wife and sees me as an adoptive daughter, in any case.

And what if my husband tells me, while i’m wearing an outfit that is modest and that he likes, “hey, you look great today.” Shouldn’t that be a good thing? Or should I go dress in a potato sack so he won’t notice me? :wink:

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