Practical skirts


Halo all!

I recently started to prefer skirts over pants, and have been wearing skirts more and more often (except for when I forget to do laundry)

For you ladies out there, what is your advice for practical skirts (every day wear as oppose to church wear)? I have purchased two knee-length knitted pull on skirts in black and brown.
I think that a knee-length denim skirt would be practical, as well.

What are y’alls feelings on long skirts? I have mixed feelings regarding if I have to get down on the ground- but I kneel on the ground in jeans…
I also live in the snow belt (gotta love Erie and Edinboro, PA!), so longer skirts are practical in the winter time.

Any other considerations regarding regular skirt wearing that I am forgetting?


I’ve had a few long skirts, but they really don’t look great on me because I’m so short… so I’ve moved away from those over the years…

I prefer lengths just below the knee… I have casual jean skirt that I wear to work often… and a dark brown cord skirt (one of my favorites)…


Avoid buttons down the front. Make sure they are wide enough to walk in–and get up and down off the floor gracefully if you do sit on the floor in skirts. Something for us Catholics–make sure you can genuflect properly and modestly! lol

For winter also find a good source for non-itchy but warm tights. Consider wearing petticoats or at least a heavy slip.

For summer make sure they aren’t see through even if you don’t want to wear a slip.


Practical advice: Don’t forget a slip :slight_smile:


I’ve got three non dressy skirts that I wear a lot. I’ve got one that’s denim, comes to the knee, one that’s khaki, and then one I got at a thrift store that’s made out of sweatpant material. It’s that gray heather, kind of sport and really, really comfortable. I find long skirts to be too formal; for informal wear I want something shorter.


I mostly wear pants, but I have 2 Land’s End elastic waist skirts that are very comfortable. I wear them year round. —KCT


I like mine at mid-calf. That way I can wear knee-high nylons instead of pantyhose when the weather is warmer if I’m going someplace and don’t want to go with my bare legs hanging out, as long as the skirt doesn’t have a slit in the back for walking. If a skirt is much longer than mid-calf, you have to hold it up when you climb stairs or you’ll trip over it, and that’s a nuisance. I prefer a fuller A-line skirt of soft fabric – I have one of denim and another in a khaki-type cotton. My favorite skirt is a pull-on knit of a cotton blend, not as heavy as sweatshirt fleece but heavier than a T-shirt. It has pockets (that’s a must for me for daily wear) and is really comfortable. In cold weather, I wear tights or leggings and a slip beneath my skirt, and if it’s really cold, sometimes I’ll pull out my old leg warmers (a souvenir from the '80’s!) and put those on, too. With all of that plus my long wool coat, I’m warmer than I would be in jeans and a parka. :slight_smile:


I like skirts that come to the middle of my calf…any longer and my shoe heels are always ripping out my hem…they need a little flair since I don’t like the look of straight skirts. I like jean skirts with a side zipper and no seams in the middle since the ones with front zippers always bulge out in a strange way.


I like mine mid-calf or longer and fairly full. I have a toddler and spend a lot of time on the floor. I need to be able to sit cross-legged, roll around, and run around the yard. I like longer skirts year round: warm in the winter and there’s nothing like a long linen skirt to stay cool in the heat.

I have had luck with J. Jill, Orvis, and the Croft and Barrow label from Kohl’s, occasionally Northern Reflections and Chadwicks. If you’re taller, Kohl’s also had varying length and full Sonoma skirts (I’m petite, though, and they were in puddles around my feet).


For being at home and doing housework, I prefer knee length or just above. I have a couple of denim skirts of that length that are great because then you can drop down to your knees to mop up a spill or pick things up without wrecking your skirt.

For work or church, I find I prefer a longer skirt. Although I do have some tailored wool skirts that fall just above the knee that I like for work.

I don’t really have any advice as far as winter solutions though since I live in an area with mild weather year round – and I hate, hate, hate panty hose. If you hate them too maybe you could find some thigh highs or possibly some leggings.


thanks, ladies!


Find time to shave my legs everyday??? Ha! No way. I’m lucky to get my teeth brushed and face washed before heading out with our little one, lol. No skirts here (or shorts, or capris…:))



I do mine once a week during my routine “if you are not dying, bleeding, throwing up and the house is not on fire- don’t bother me” mommy bath time.
And I only have a hubby and a wee mite- and I have to move heaven and earth for 15 minutes of me time! I cannot imagine what it will be like with 11 more running around! (kids, not husbands)


I shave mine every day. It takes like all of a minute in the shower. You might be surprised how not skipping over little things like that actually add up to just make you feel better all day. Not saying ewww it’s gross to not shave your legs or anything, but I do think it is important to not overlook the small things you can do for yourself each day to feel good.


I live in those Lands’ End skirts. They’re called “Necessary Knits.” I have them in black, gray, navy, beige, green and red. Every year I buy one or two new ones. I always have a backup black one on hand.

I just got a job in a flower shop where everyone dresses very casually, so I think I’ll get a denim skirt to wear there.

I last wore pants to my Lamaze class 25 years ago! In a skirt, there’s at least a *little bit *of mystery about the size of my thighs!



I dislike pants – they’re uncomfortable for me. I have one denim pair, but don’t wear them often.

I wear skirts all the time, casual, dressy, or business. I make my own clothes, and devised a very easy pattern I use over and over. Most of my skirts are mid-calf (even though I’m short), mostly for reasons of modesty and comfort.



I love long skirts because I can get down on the floor and sit “Indian style” and not worry about showing anything :smiley: Plus I like to prop my foot on my knee sometimes while breastfeeding, and the long skirt covers me well. I simply couldn’t sit modestly like that in a shorter skirt. Also, my toddler loves grabbing my long skirt and dancing with me and/or wrapping himself up in it. It’s so cute :slight_smile:

I first got into wearing them when I was pregnant last year and hated having to give them up when the weather got too chilly (I’m really cold sensitive).


I like long skirts that are loose and flowing. Tight skirts or ones with big slits in them aren’t comfortable or modest. This site is a directory of a bunch of stores online that sell this type of clothes. The directory does include some Islamic and fundamentalist sites, so beware. Most are simply clothing stores though.


Longer skirts are returning to fashion. Pair them with flat, knee-high leather riding boots and you achieve a stylish, comfortable and yet modest look. One of those rare instances where fashion and modesty join hands.


I have a long denim skirt that I got from Kohl’s that I live in. I mean, it’s an every day item. This one’s really long (like to my anklebones), and I love it. I think that fuller skirts (as opposed to skinny/pencil styles) are more practical for every day.

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