Practical ways to desire and practice humility in the workplace?

I have issues with the following: impatience, self-importance, pride, and envy.

Through experience, I know they’re wrong and only leads to inner turmoil, disturbance of peace, coldness, bitterness, resentment, and distance from God and lack of desire for any spiritual thing (e.g., I feel terrible - I’m not going to pray, it’s pointless.)

Pride is the greatest sin, and I can’t seem to rid myself of it.

Part of it is insecurity (e.g., Will I be fired?); part of it is just my cruddy disposition to judge others and be envious of their successes.

I’ve found that when I’m tempted with prideful thoughts, if I find something to do and get distracted, I can at least avoid lingering on pride.

What else can I do practically speaking?

Also, it feels so pointless confessing pride but I never seem to do any better…


I attend a weekly chat with the Visitation order of sisters. It is open to all. We have been working our way through St Francis De Sales book, Introduction to A Devout Life. This week on Sunday we will be talking about the virtue of humility beginning with a recap of last weeks chat on the virtue of patience.

Here is a link to the reflection for this week, and the questions we will be focusing on.
The chat is moderated by Visitation Sisters. you can visit as a guest by clicking on the link to Live Jesus chat on this page, or you can set up and sign in. Peace~

I don’t know, but one thing that might help is to cultivate gratitude, both in and out of the workplace. What are you thankful for? Who has been kind to you? Who has helped you? Who makes the workplace or the world a better place? Who are the awesome people in your life? Ask yourself these questions often, maybe every day. Work on that and you might get a better idea where you fit in, and that would be a sort of humility.

Focus on your positives rather than negatives. Try not to entertain negative thoughts eg thoughts of envy etc. Set a goal of doing a few good deeds everyday, without gettn noticed…yeah I know it’s kinda hard. Just anything spontaneous. Eg someone spills coffee, you be the one to clean it up. Something out of place YOU put is back in its place, see a family member in a hurry n trying to catch something to eat, you make the sandwich, small spontaneous acts. After you’ve developed this habit, then try to choose the more humble tasks. Humility, will take care of everything ! Saints had many different virtues, but ‘humility’ was one virtue that every saint had in common.

You can read some of St. Josemaria Escriva writings on how to sanctify your work in the workplace and in life.

Thank you everyone for your comments and suggestions!

I’ve been battling this pride thing also. It seems to be at the root of most of my other sins. This prayer has helped to increase my awareness and give me hope for change.

I found it inspiring because it asks God for the help we need to overcome pride.

God Bless you.

Thanks for the prayer link!

I find it difficult to actually and heartfully desire what’s in the prayer…maybe one day…

For me, that’s the beauty of the prayer. I also lack the desire to change some of those things. I’m simply asking Jesus to deliver me from the “prideful desires”. We can’t do it alone. :shrug: But, with Jesus All things are possible.

God Bless You.

Fantastic book … I’ve been reading it.

Me too.

Have you asked God to help you get rid of it?

I read something which was really helpful to me about envy - I struggle with it. I think it was Kevin Vost’s new book on the seven deadly sins. Anyway, in regard to envy, instead of indulging, be grateful that God made people who can do so well and add to the betterment of the world. Also, work on your own strengths and talents. And possibly, encourage me and pray for me to do the same.

Do something, perhaps a kindness for someone who really galls you. That’s unbelievably helpful and cathartic for me.

I like for things to happen how I intend for them to work out. I keep forgetting that God has His own timeline and is in control of the universe. I like that 12 step slogan that tells me to “resign as general manager of the universe.”

Confession has a lot of graces to help us in our struggles, pride included. Take advantage of this beautiful gift God has given us.

And also remember, this is just my opinion, please take or leave as you see fit. Thanks for listening.

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