Practical Ways To Live The 8 Beatitudes


Could someone please provide me a simple translation of each Beatitude along with a practical example of how a teen guy about to start college could live them?

Thanks. Most of the 'practical' suggestions I've found searching have been more cryptic and confusing than the verses themselves.


check this out:


The scriptures do not have a one-and-only interpretation.

Marcus Grodi gave a talk at the EWTN Family Celebration a few years ago in DeKalb, Illinois. He based his remarks on one of the early church fathers, St. Chromatius of Aquilaea -- if you've never heard of him, he's actually one of the more well known bishops who wrote commentaries about the scriptures in the early Church.

You can read his essay in a small book called Glimpses of the Early Church Fathers.

But, Grodi (who is a convert from being a Presbyterian minister) extended that essay, in significant and meaningful ways.

Grodi's talk is contained on the DVDs from that conference several years ago, and is available from EWTN catalogue.

I seem to recall that the part of Grodi's talk that came from Chromatius, looked at the beatitudes in a step-wise fashion, one beattitude leading to and preparing for the next one. Grodi's addition was to analyze the risk and the payoff in going upward through all of these.

I don't know if Grodi has made his talk available in any other venue, beside the DVD.


here is one set of sketchy notes I seem to have made on Grodi's talk

conversion - day by day re-turning to Jesus

Garague LaGrange (Fr) he who does not progress loses ground
we've never arrived; we're always growing, or going back
so we don't fall backwards

how to continue with our conversion; it is necessary to continue

we're not perfect; we continue to fail; need help moving forward

1 Tim 3:15 pillar and bulwark of truth is the church

from an early church father: staircase to conversion
and three ways to use the staircase; how to experience the Mass
Beatitudes - he didn't preach on very often

" be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect" -"how Jesus used
to speak to the Jews" -- ? maybe? Calvinist thinking

Chromatius of Aquilaya Glimpses of the Fathers Scepter Press
b.340 A.D. encouraged Jerome to translate the bible
388 ordained a bishop

establishes steps by which faithful can rise to the supreme good, the kingdom of heaven

the rungs of the ladder -- not those who are blessed, but nine stages of conversion that we go through

turning away from the "world" to Jesus

mentioned again St. Leo's writing on the Beatitudes
steps that lead to the high happiness; a journey we are on, to grow
in intimacy with Jesus.

if you want this, it is a sign of your conversion,to awaken you to more

Jesus was telling the disciples what to do to be his disciples
growing in our relationship with Jesus Christ


Do a search (I use google) type in “Living the beatitudes” or “How to live the beatitudes”. The search results will give you a wide choice of sites where you’ll find suggestions. It’s amazing the multitude of results that I find doing a simple search.

God bless you in your college years:thumbsup:


How to live the Beatitudes in college? That is one of the simplest and hardest things you'll ever do.
Be openly Catholic. Never miss a Holy day of obligation outside of what's allowed by the Church. Be openly optimistic and joyful about going to Mass; it's your personal high point of the week! Always invite your friends with you to Mass. Every time you go even though you think you already know their answer will be negative. After all it is the high point of your week! Don't you always want all your friends there with you? When others ask questions about the Catholic faith only answer what you know to be absolutely correct and all other questions say I don't know lets go ask a Priest. They will come to respect you for this. When others confront you about Catholic beliefs, since your in college, ask them if their source has a degree in theology? Or, if they ever discused the topic with a Catholic Priest? Then make an appointment with a Priest to discues the subject with you and your friend. Never hit anyone cold in the face with a difficult question and expect a thorough answer.
Make it a point not to desire today's best. Live a notch or two below your means. This way you can help others when you see fit and when the Church asks, not simply wish you could help but never have the abillity.
Pray always. When you are walking around doing nothing else pray thanksgivings to God, your desires, your needs, your wants. Pray for the intensions of the Pope and for all of those who ask at each and every Mass, all over the world, for you to pray for them to the Lord our God. Pray the Rosary openly on park benches on the campass grounds. Own wallet size Rosary cards so you can explain to people the Rosary is far from a redundent recitation of prayers, but a meditation of the Gosple of Christ. The Hail Marys being the time keepers of the individual meditations. Never live a day without a prayer.
One last thing. Do not set up concrete time periodes for doing these things or you will one day feel you have failed and just can't be a good Christian living the Beatitudes. God can accomplish as much through the heart alone has He can through the hands.


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