Practice of holding hands during the Lord's Prayer

I am a candidate studying for ordination as a permanent deacon in the diocese of Lexington, KY. Our current course is Introduction to Liturgy and one of our assignments is to write a paper on some aspect of Liturgy. I’ve decided to write on the practice of holding hands at the Lord’s prayer.

I’m quite sure that there have been plenty of past discussions here about the topic and** I’m not looking to start another round of discussions with this posting.** I know this is somewhat a controversial issue in the United States but I am trying to discover the state of affairs around the world with respect to this point in the Mass.

If you live outside the US and/or are familiar with the how Mass is celebrated in another country and you wouldn’t mind spending 10-15 minutes answering a brief set of questions on this topic, please contact me privately.Thank you so much.

Tim W.

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