Practice of the 3 hail Mary's


On tuesday’s at our parish we have a marian devotion after mass, to our lady of perpetual help. It’s a wonderful service. After mass, there was a man handing out flyers in the back of the church, about the “practice of the 3 hail Mary’s”. I’ve been doing it for a while and it has changed me greatly already. I thought it would be useful to share.

The basic devotion is said everynight before bed and every morning as the day is starting, you say something to the tune of “Dear Mother, most divine Queen, please intercede on my behalf that I may be preserved from mortal sin this day(or night, depending)”, and then recite 3 hail Mary’s in a thoughtful manner.

If you are having troubles of faith, or are new to the faith, try this out. It’s simple, and very powerful (at least for me)



“Rev”… beautiful. Thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:


Dear Revelations:

Please clarify. I have have heard about a practice of saying the “Three Hail Mary’s” but it’s a leaflet with a picture of Our Lady Lady - but not the image of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. I also didn’t know about it being said twice daily.

VERY interested in learning more. Is there a web site we could learn about it? Thanks.
May God Bless you and may Our Lady intercede for you !


wikipedia actually has some good info on it, and the varied practices of this devotion.

I usually pray them when I’m putting my scapular back on after I shower in the morning. Its definitely helped me be more aware of Mary’s help as I wear it.


Thank you all very much. The term, “three Hail Mary’s” sounded so familiar - I remembered having a leaflet for years here that was always relatively at hand. Now, that I read Our Lady of Perpetual Help’s name attributed, it seemed different than the image I remembered on the prayer leaflet. I was right.

I just found the leaflet ! It’s Our Lady being crowned by God the Father and God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Ironically, in looking for the leaflet, I found something else that was almost like a message. Who knows?


Yah that’s the one!

Its so simple, ask the Blessed Mother for her protection and intercession for preservation from mortal sin, and then recite 3 hail Mary’s for the honor of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

It has been a year since my initial conversion, and this time of year is like a renewal of faith for me. I remembered the act that kick started my faith, it was my scapular medal. My g/f gave it to me, and we had it blessed by a priest. He told me i had to say 3 hail mary’s a day to have strong faith. That is what started it all, that night i had a profound experience.

And now, a year later, a year of drifting around, in and out of confession, trying all sorts of devotions, fighting to keep my faith, the 3 hail mary’s have renewed my faith. I think it’s some kind of message,

don’t underestimate the simplicity people!

here’s a link:



One more question:
You’re saying you say the three Hail Mary’s while doing other things, which begs the question - Do you have the Novena prayer MEMORIZED or do you run for the leaflet in between or can this Novena be said with just the three Hail Mary’s. If you have the prayers memorized - all I can say is WONDERFUL !
God and Our Lady bless you !


I guess depending on who you talk to, the daily 3 Hail Marys may have different consequences. Thankfully all of them are good.

Years ago, when I was in grade school, one of the nuns told us to recite 3 Hail Marys every day. The promise was that when you died, a priest would be available for you to make your confession.


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