Practicing Catholic devotions as a churchless Christian

Can I pray the rosary and ask the saints for help etc as a churchless Christian? It feels weird somehow (because I am somewhat rebellious) but I’m very drawn to the rosary.

You certainly can! God bless you on your journey :). The Rosary is possibly the most powerful prayer in existence, when it’s prayed well.

Of course you can pray the Rosary and any other devotions you wish. Mary is just as much your mother as she was the mother of the Apostle John.

And those who have died in Christ, as good Christians, can always pray with and for you just as much as the ones currently walking the earth, you only have to ask 'em!

My dear friend, pray to your hearts content wherever your at. About being rebellious an old post of mine below may interest you.
An old post re my theory

My dear friend

I’ve just been thinking as follows and would like your opinions and contribution on this subject too.
In order for God to create a perfect world and beings He had to create beings ( us ) who would rebel. The reason for this is that God is infinite Love and the greatest expression of love is sacrifice. The greatest sacrifice is infinite sacrifice. If we never rebeled God would not have been able to show us His infinite love for us by His infinite sacrifice on the cross.
God loves us with an infinite love and knew we would rebel and this would cause an automatic reaction from God where He would respond with an expression of infinite sacrifice. In order for our world and us to be perfect we had to rebel. The whole thing is really a mystery though. This is just some thoughts on the perfection of God and how that relates to us. I think I’ll tie this in to my refutation of evolution too.

God bless you and I’m praying for you:thumbsup::slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your answers. Besides meditating on the mysteries what else does “praying it well” entail? I usually say it broken up in decades over the day because I can’t concentrate long enough (it’s hard to bear the silence while praying for me).

Sadly, I don’t know how to pray. That’s probably one of the reasons I always reach for my rosary. But other than this prayer, I don’t know how.

I don’t know where my journey will lead me. A big part of me wants to become Catholic but it feels like I don’t have a place in the Church. :frowning:

Everyone has a place in the Church - it’s Christ’s Body after all, we’re all made to be members.

It sounds like you’re doing fine. I often split my Rosary up during the day as well. If you’re into music it might help you to have some light meditative music on while you pray. Personally I love Gregorian chant.

Do you read the Bible? That too can be a form of prayer, it’s called Lectio Divina if you want to look it up.

Take whatever passage you’re reading and really chew on it - think about the meaning of it, think about how it relates to your own life. Then talk to God about whatever thoughts and feelings you come up with - whether you want to ask Him for something, or moved to praise Him, to give thanks or say sorry to Him. Then move onto the next passage.

My dear friend
It’s best to get a book or cd about the mysteries of the rosary and start learning aout them. This will make it easy to mediate. I pray the 20 decades every day and don’t meditate on the mysteries. I listen to it on my ipod and concentrate on what I’m saying and just put what love I can into it. This is all you have to do to do it well. If you can meditate hen fine though. You may consider listening to a scriptural rosary that has a little scripture reading that’s relevant to the mystery for each hail Mary. This may suit you better. It’s hard to meditate because you lack knowlegde of the mysteries, plus praying it well takes practise. You don’t have to pray the rosary ut you need to pray to keep yor soul alive. Maybe try mediation. Use the bible and just go through the gospels a sentence or 2 at a time and meditate about it. Try 10 mins a day and work up over time to 20 or 30 mins. Or try any of the spiritual masterpieces to give you the fuel you need for your prayer- like the imitation of Chhrist or try this saints many points for meditation and just meditate on the points of current interest. You need knowledge as fuel for your prayer, then it’ll be much easier. Don’t abandon prayer because it’s hatd now, it’ll get easier. From a friends experience He used to find 10 mins of meditation very hard. Couldn’t concentrate, did not feel like he was doing it well or right. Seemed like a waste of time. He’s far from perfect but has found you can turn all into prayer and not just your rosary or mefitation or vocal prayers. He tries to pray 24 hrs a day now by trying to do Gods will which is prayer hat includes sleeping, eating, work, family duties, recreation, cleaning and everything. And trying to keep the presene of God which is to be aware your in Gods presence and behave properly. Along with Mass and other prayers. Although he has a very long way to go to do it perfectly he often enjoys prayer now. But it’s not always easy. You don’t have to pray all the time to get to heaven but you must pray each day or your soul will dire through sin. I’m just trying to make the point that he found it hard to pray for 10 mins, very hard. Yet now often it’s easy for him to pray constantly. It’s taken him many years to get to that point. Perseverance and hard work is needed in the prayer life. It does get easier and quite enjoyable eventually. Keep it up. Your pleasing God enormously with your holy desire and good intention to pray well. Don’t listen to the enemy who tells you your wasting your time, its too hard so why bother because your no good. It is worthwhile and you are very good- A child of God and loved by Him intensely. Ask the Holy Spirit to help yo to pray every day before you pray is a good way to learn about prayer.

God bless you and prayers for you:thumbsup::slight_smile:

There’s no one best way to pray and/or meditate. Basically, it depends on how your brain works.

Some people really get a lot of good out of picturing themselves in a Bible story, or of picturing the story happening before them like a little movie. I’m not very visual like that, so it does nothing for me. But it’s really good for those it’s good for! :slight_smile: Personally, if I want to pray I usually have to be very still and quiet. But I know people who pray best while running, panting, and dripping with sweat. Who’d have thought it? Some people can’t pray well if they don’t move their lips or even speak out loud, while others find talking distracting. We are all different people, and that’s how God made us.

Generally, whatever helps you to concentrate on God is good. Don’t be afraid to try different things, and don’t be shocked if what works for you should change as you grow older or get more experienced with prayer.

I just meant seriously and devoutly, rather than just rattling it off without thinking about it like some people do.

That’s fine. I break it up sometimes too. Many people do, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing that.

Well this is the best prayer, so it’s an amazing place to start. You can pray, in your head or out loud, anything you want to God. You can talk to Him as you would to a friend- in the Scripture, He calls us friends. I unwind from a busy day every night with a long time just talking out loud to God, pacing around the kitchen worktable and just tell Him all about what I’ve been thinking and doing, and about whatever questions and issues I have. I also often throw in Hail Mary’s or Our Father’s into the prayer at random. It’s big and rambling, when I go praying on my own. But it’s really wonderful, and sometimes I feel that the Lord answers directly while I’m praying. One can say whatever one wants.

The Rosary is the best prayer, though. The Hail Mary and the Our Father are the two best short prayers in existence and the Rosary incorporates them beautifully.

You can pray the Hail Mary, Glory Be or Our Father any time during the day without saying them within the full Rosary.

We would welcome you with all our hearts! I certainly would, I promise you! The Church would love to receive you. She is every soul’s true home, and according to our doctrine, God meant you from eternity to be with Him in His Church. We would welcome you; there will always be a place for you.

It sounds like Our Lady is calling you through the Holy Rosary.


No, the people over here where I live don’t want me among them. I’m not sure why. I have really tried to get to know them. Maybe they sense that I’m somewhat different from them. But I couldn’t bear to be rejected every week.


More than one person has been drawn to the Catholic Church though the Holy Rosary.

The following site may help you learn the rosary.

Pray for me too while you are at it. :slight_smile:

God bless you and yours.

True union with Jesus Christ in the Catholic Church is union with salvation itself. That’s more important than what some annoying locals are like. DON’T let them stop you! The religion is so much more important than some temporary suffering you might have to endure on account of some cold people. Salvation and union with God is way too important to put second to that.

Besides, there are hundreds of millions of Catholics worldwide who would be thrilled to have you in the Church if they knew about your interest. You can’t let the local geography get in your way. Please don’t, anyway!


A small update 8 weeks later:

Last week I have been to RCIA for the first time and really liked it. At this point I’m thinking I will PROBABLY become Catholic next Easter. I still suffer a bit from the feeling that other people don’t seem to welcome me but I really feel that God wants me there. And that’s the most important thing, right? Now I just hope my family will find a way to somehow accept it.

Also, I still love to pray the rosary and have made an awesome experience. Lately I have been praying it a lot for my father because I really worry for his soul. We have always had a rather strained and impersonal relationship but ever since I’m prayign for him we suddenly get along well! I think that’s awesome because apparently my prayers benefitted him in not just the area I have been praying for him. Now I hope that my prayers for his soul are answered, too.

Thanks for the update, that’s wonderful news! The rosary was also what initially drew me to the Church. I knew nothing about Catholicism, but the beauty and power of the rosary just drew me in. Our Mother is always pointing to Christ…

Keep praying and discerning. No doubt your prayers are having an effect. :slight_smile:

I am sure you can. I am also sure that the Saints and Our Lady would be happier to see you take the last step in, though :wink:

The fact that you are drawn to the Rosary has a lot to do with our Blessed Mother. She wants to lead all to her son, Jesus Christ.

The way we learn how to pray is to just do it. Pray for an increase in faith, and be assured that when you pray in your own words to the Lord, He is listening to you. God bless…

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