Practicing elements of other religions with the Catholic faith


Would some body’s belief in the “Seven Chakra’s”, or the practicing of certain Buddhist meditative methods, be contradictory to a Catholic faith? Can one safely have a custom made set of priciples, inspired by other belief systems, if one adheres to the Catholic faith as a foundation?


Yep. That’s not science… that’s non-Christian religion.


Explain How?


Chakras are not science they are fantasy…they don’t exist. I’ve read up on all that and it makes about as much sense and mother goose. :shrug:


Hi, This is just a ***crazy ***thought, from a former Catholic, Liberal, so feel free to ignore it. But…

One could actually look at the individual beliefs that one is considering and compare them to Catholic teaching and see if any of them contradict Church teaching.

Chakras, energy meridians, etc. are beliefs about how the body is organized and uses energy. I’m pretty sure that the circulatory system isn’t an article of faith. Meditation is just a way of quieting your mind and trying to bring yourself to a place of peace and energy. That doesn’t seem very anti-Catholic to me. Especially if the object of your meditation is God as Catholicism understands him.

If you adopt beliefs that draw you away from God, or contradict Church authority, then yes it is contrary to Catholicism. If not or if your principles draw you closer to God and the teachings of the Church, then why not do it?


I agree completly with you everstruggling.


racticing of certain Buddhist meditative methods, be contradictory to a Catholic faith?

Zen meditation is not contrary to catholic teaching.

It is also very humane and spritual


It contradicts our faith because the goal of the Buddhist is “enlightenment”. This state is reached when one, after a lifetime of meditative practice, achieves complete detachment from desire through his own efforts. The Buddhist does not believe in God. Instead, he believes that all suffering comes from human desire, and if the human can detach from want, they will be as “god”.

Catholics do not see human desire as intrinsically wrong. Indeed, we are encouraged to nurture our desire for God, to strive to “attach” ourselves to Christ. Enlightenment is not our end goal. Eternal life with God is.

Can you see the contradiction?


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