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Hi everyone!

I want to be more deliberate in my quest to gain more virtue and the only way to do that is to practice. I wanted to start a thread for those of us who want to exercise our spiritual lives in the way of growing in virtue. But sometimes I don’t know what exactly to hone in on, on a given day. Saint Theresa of Avila said if everyone would pic a vice to work on for a period of time and exercise those virtues that combat the vice, we could wipe out venial sin eventually.

So in this thread, I was thinking that I would use it as an accumulation of spiritual exercises that we could all contribute to, in order to pick a virtue for the day and execute that exercise on the day of our choosing. You could choose one to do just once a week or if the thread gets full, you could pick a different virtue to practice for each day of the week. I want this thread to turn into a reference guide for growing in virtue.

So to get started, I’m going to choose to practice the virtue of silence (to combat the vice of gossip). I’m gonna do that tomorrow. I will only speak when necessary, or at least I will try.

What virtue do you need to work on? Please add it to the thread to inspire your brothers and sisters and to help give ideas for the deliberate practice of growing in virtue.

Upon reading “Humility of Heart” by Fr. Cajetan Mary da Bergamo, I’m convinced that Humility is the doorway to all the other virtues. That’s my focus for now. :slight_smile:

Dear Rosarydevotion,

An excellent place to start learning more about this is Josef Pieper’s wonderful book “The Four Cardinal Virtues”.

According to Pieper, a great Thomistic writer, prudence is the mother of all virtues. :slight_smile:

This thread is a great idea. I’m going to practice Proverbs 15:1 which says “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” So I’m going to practice answering gently, even if I’m annoyed. Although I don’t get annoyed too often, this may take a lifetime :slight_smile:

Pride Daughters: Disobedience, boastfulness, hypocrisy, contention, obstinacy, discord, and love of novelties (eccentricity).
Anger. Daughters: Indignation, swelling of the mind, clamor raising the voice, blasphemy, contumely (name-calling), quarrels.
Lust. Daughters: Blindness of mind, thoughtlessness, inconstancy, impulsiveness, self-love, hatred of God, love of this world and abhorrence or despair of a future world.
Envy. Daughters: Hatred, tale-bearing, detraction, joy at our neighbor’s misfortunes, and grief for his prosperity.
Gluttony. Daughters: Unseemly joy, scurrility (vulgarity), uncleanness, loquaciousness, and dullness of mind as regards the understanding.
Avarice. Daughters: Treachery, fraud, falsehood, perjury, restlessness, violence, and insensibility to mercy.
Sloth. Daughters: Malice, spite, faint-heartedness, despair, sluggishness in regard to the Ten Commandments, wandering of the mind after unlawful things.

Examine and confess every week!

Excellent posts! And thank you Romerio for the book recommendation, I’ve been looking for some books for this very subject.

Today I’m practising silence, well see how it goes with this big mouth.:blush:

Yes I have this book. Thank you. Humility is the gateway virtue.

Dear Rosarydevotion,

You’re always welcome. :slight_smile:

Here is a link to the Amazon page where you can obtain either a print or a Kindle version:

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