Praise and Prayer

Many tremendous changes in our life that are so obviously the hand of God. I have to praise Him!
We are leaving homeschooling after 10 yrs and I am going into the work force at a wonderful Catholic University and my younger kids are attending the Catholic private school there. I have to pray for a transition for my teen who is resistant on so many levels. :eek: We KNOW this is where God intends her to be but she is NOT happy. Plus, she must meet the demands of a structured school room after schooling in our relaxed home. Lord, please send her the grace and the peace to see you in her life and give her some signs very soon that this will be Okay!!! Teach her to believe in her abilities and lean on YOU.

Also prayers for a nephew who has Luekimia and is being effectively treated with a miracle medication. BUT he is Agnostic…pray for CONVERSION!!!

And for babies Joseph and Josie who are due this month!

Praying for your intentions.:slight_smile:


May your family be filled with God’s peace and may your daughter love her new school environment and gain many graces through being there. May the two babies have a safe and happy delivery :slight_smile:

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