Praise and Worship Music CD Suggestions?

Heyas. I’m gift shopping for a young man who is going to be received into the church tomorrow and I know that he enjoys attending “Praise and Worship” services that are sponsored through the regional chapter of the Charismatic Catholic Renewal. I’m at a loss as what to buy and would appreciate any suggestions. (Yes, I know it’s late. I’m his sponsor and I have other gifts for him but I wanted to give something like this too.)

So far, this is the type of thing that I’ve found: Top 25 Praise & Worship Songs 2007

Is this even close?

:eek: No, it’s not. Time to grab a book from the shelf and wrap it as a gift.



Does your Sponsoree have a GOOD STUDY BIBLE? Does he have at least ONE good Translation of the Sacred Scriptures? Does he have a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church & a Compendium of the Catechism? Does he have a good prayer book - a LITURGY OF THE HOURS? Does your Sponsoree have a Rosary or a Crucifix?

All of the below are good places to start looking:
Ignatius Press
Catholic Company
EWTN - Religious Catalogue

Try these & see what you find. Remember, you’re trying to help your sponsoree get a good start on Life as a Catholic. If he doesn’t already have at least ONE GOOD Translation of the Sacred Scriptures, getting him a copy of the Ignatius Bible (RSV - 2ND Catholic Ed., $20-30) and adding a copy of the New Jerusalem Bible, Study Edition (New, $32-54) would give your sponsoree 2 good Translations. Going through would enable you to do this for $52-53 + Express Shipping (Regular Shipping is free).

Let us know how this works out.

Your Brother & Servant in Christ, Michael

PS: In the interum (While you’re waiting for the arrival of the Bibles) get something of yours and GIVE IT TO HIM during the Mass (You must have a nice Crucifix or a Rosary in a ‘presentation box’).

Oh yes, I have a nice little “First Communion Rosary” set already to go. He’s not much of a reader, which is a pain because I am a reader and I love to share books with people. He has his study Bible and will be getting a Catechism as gift from the parish. Instead of the Liturgy of the Hours, I’m furnishing him with The Magnificat which is closer to his needs and his level.

I just wanted more tchotchkes to throw in his gift bag, that’s all. He’s definitely a spirited fellow and likes a more lively liturgy than I.

I very much appreciate your thorough and thoroughly orthodox response! Many prayers and blessings to you.

Thank you.


You’re welcome.

I was going to say ignore the PS on my Previous Post and to just give your Sponsoree what you have and either wait for the Bibles (Use Regular Shipping - Your Sponsoree will understand) or try this Website from JOHN MICHAEL TALBOT or from one of the other sites below…

The Brothers & Sisters of Charity
[size=4][FONT=Georgia]EWTN - Religious Catalogue - Music
[FONT=Georgia][size=4]Chants of Carmel - From the Monks of Mount Carmel
[size=4][FONT=Georgia]Heartbeat Records (I’ve not examined the content in detail, but they look OK)
Try these, and let me know how this works out.

I know you said he’s not much of a reader, but I’d still like to see something towards his discipleship as a Catholic. and, I really think having 2 GOOD Translations of the Sacred Scriptures would be a good start - The 2 I listed are the best & easiest to get. With regards to the Liturgy of the Hours, I actually lost a copy of the Liturgy of the Hours almost 30 years ago when I left the SI Institute - It’s something I regret now that I’ve made it back… There’s also something called The Catholic Prayer Book which is a collection of private & public prayers ($8-12) which might be more your sponsoree’s speed.

Try something like that, because the more your sponsoree is interested in the things of God, the more he’'ll pursue them.

Your Brother & Servant in Christ, Michael[/size][/FONT]


Don’t laugh - I actually meditate using a copy of the sayings of St. Isaac of Syria. I get more out of 2 pages of that (which I usually have to read 3 or 4 times) than I do the meditates in Magnificat or whatever the other one is called (I actually use the other one - How’s that for brain damage? :shrug: (I had brain surgery 14 years ago & keep getting UNGENTLE reminders)

Fr. Pacwa (the guy on EWTN) advises that anyone wanting to study the Scripture have 4 Translations of the Sacred Scriptures (2 Formal Equivalence & 2 Dynamic Equivalence), and he advises against using the New American Bible, esp. the latest revision.

Here’s something you can buy for your guy that will prove to be really helpful when he begins to study the Scriptures…

Understanding the Scriptures: A Complete Course on Bible Study - From the Didache Series
Scott Hahn, 2005 - $49.95 (Inc. Shipping)

[size=4][FONT=Georgia]It’s not as thorough as the Navarre Bible, but it’s not nearly as expensive as the Navarre Bible.

Your Brother in Christ, Michael

Here’s where you might want to look for the music anyway. You can even download many of the CDs (for fastest delivery). Best of luck and I hope this helps.

Thank you, Tietjen. I ended up going a totally different route on this and will be giving my sponsee a CD that was recorded at our local cathedral. It’s something that I have on hand and it’s something where he will know the music and the musicians as well.



I would recommend WOW Worship CD.

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