praise Delta for dropping Jon Stewart after his "Vagina Manger", pictures of which they sent to at least Kellogs CEOs

It’s amazing how The Left portray themselves as smarter and more refined than conservatives, who they portray as knuckledraggers, despite their not leaving trash after tea party rallies or acting like perverts. This page says how to give Delta credit and give Kellog’s a criticizing for not.

It would be impossible for me to care less. :slight_smile:


Good for Delta.

Am I correct in thinking that last paragraph was more than a bit Hypocritical…

Does that mean the Catholic League is going to posting those pictures to Kellogs?

You don’t have to defend the honor of the Holy Family, Veritas. God loves you anyway. Keep watching your tv shows or something.

I don’t know how one would think The Catholic League would send such photos to anyone, but you can’t get away with dealing out such perversity, as Stewart, without it being reported by someone. No professional organization or business should be associated with sick little dweebs like Jon Stewart and his writers.

What is worse is the comments is the same garbage with 99 percent support for Stewart and the expected “Catholic Priests are child molesters!”

It’s saddening that the Hypocritical Left who mock everything they hate and expect everyone to tolerate what they love are becoming the common masses of society.

As for Jon Stewart he’s always been scum and his response to the demand for an apology shows he’s no better than Rush Limbaum and other hatemongers.

Edit: No wait, at least Rush makes half-baked apologies upon threat of losing sponsorship. Stewart gets the privileged of being as open about his hatred of Christians and not have to worry about losing more than a cent from his pocket…

Your link to the Catholic League statement pretty much says that they did. And more than 700 times.

Today, all the top management at Kellogg’s will receive a color photo of a naked woman with her legs spread and a nativity scene ornament in between. Let’s see if that jars them. Over 700 photos have been sent to leaders in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Context counts for a lot. Showing the photo as the final gag in a comedy skit is bad enough. But to take the photo out of context and spam it unanounced to hundreds of people is reprehensible.

The Catholic League has seriously erred in this matter. Mass emailing this photo to strangers makes them as guilty as the Daily Show.

Not sure I’d agree that it is bad. If good ol’ Jon aint proud of his work and if Kellogg aint proud of their sponsorship why was it put on the air in the first place? People need to be held accountable for what they do and one appropriate way is to make sure the sponsors of trash take full credit for the filth they participate in making available. I think another step would even be cutter and that would be to put these images all over sponsor’s products in grocery stores, advertisements, billboards, and logos at their offices, so the public can be entertained by Stewart’s comic style.

But not everyone at Kellogg’s corporate office is responsible for the decision. Why should they all be subjected to this disgusting picture?

But not everyone at Kellogg’s corporate office is responsible for the decision. Why should they all be subjected to this disgusting picture?

Corporations are not a one man organization, and even if they were if only one person got the image then it’d be “click, delete, forget”. Obviously Jon Stewart think it was funny enough to show to millions of people on cable television, why are we not free to show the offending image to let the people at Kelloggs’s know this is the what they are promoting.

This is not a left/right matter… :rolleyes:

This is about crude, demeaning behavior. On the other side of the coin I wish the Catholic League was more skilled at dealing with such issues. Bill Donohue is so loud and bombastic that I think people just tune him out.

People tune into a television show such as Jon Stewart’s with some expectation as to what they will see. That isn’t the case when they open unsolicited email from what seems to be a reputable organization, such as the Catholic League.

If the picture is offensive (and I think it is) then the Catholic League shouldn’t be spamming it to unsuspecting persons. They have sunk to the level of The Daily Show, yet seem to think themselves above it.

A person watching Jon Stewart expects vulgarity and chooses to watch. A clerk at Kellogg’s corporate office doesn’t expect vulgarity in their work email while they’re doing their job.

As you can see, I was typing the same sentiment as you were posting this! :thumbsup:

I’m sure they blurred out the immodest parts, but I guess we don’t have a problem judging those that irritate us and defending those that we approve of. Donohue sounds loud and bombastic. I don’t know. I’m not a classic New Yorker and I have a pretty comfortable lifestyle. I’m sure John the Baptist sounded loud and bombastic, too, though, as probably did that Protestant preacher, Winfield (Whitfield?), when he spoke against British oppression of the colonists.

Jon Stewart mocked John Paul II when he was ill. The Polish government threatened to kick CNN out of the country and I believe CNN ordered him to tone his criticism down a bit.
Anyway my point may be entirely irrelevant and Jon may be a nice guy in real life too.

Do John Stewart’s values resonate with those of most Americans? If not, why not, what is he trying to achieve, his advertisers are also out of whack with the cultural values, and perhaps his values should be mocked and challenged in debate. Maybe once defeated he could learn some sense. :slight_smile: or maybe not. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if with most Americans, but certainly with a sizable portion. He has won many national accolades: More than 10 Emmys, a Grammy, a couple Peabodys. He is widely touted as insightful by people in the news industry and, ironically for a mock newscast, has several times topped polls of newscasters whom Americans trust the most.

But he has never worked for CNN. He is a comedian and his career has been on MTV and Comedy Central.

Viacom owns both CNN and Comedy Central… So obviously the decision of the Polish Government to kick CNN out of the country because of Jon Stewart, was due to the fact that Viacom ultimatly sends both CNN and Jon Stewart their paychecks. CNN is probably one of few Viacom assets that the Polish Government could have boycotted on the basis of association to Stewart.

Thank you for that explanation. I can see how the Polish government may have been at loose ends to find some kind of leverage.

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