Praise God! Prayers answered!


Some time ago, I asked for prayers for my husband as he looked for a new job/change of career. Our prayers were answered today when he received and accepted a great job offer. It’s a big pay increase but more importantly, it’s a change in direction and a new lease on the career life for him. Thank you all for the prayers and I praise God for answering them!


Glory to God in the Highest!!!


:extrahappy: I prayed the 150th Psalm for this!


Thank You Jesus! It is so good to read some good news.


All Glory and honor is yours almighty Father ! Praise the Lord ! Thank you Lord for answering the prayer ! I am very happy . God answers our prayers ! He is awesome . Thanks lord , John


Thanks and praise be to God.


Praise the Lord!



Glory to God, for His Great Love is without end Deo Gratius


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