Praise Jesus!


Thank you to everyone that was praying for my mother. She had her repeat Cat Scan and we are so excited and the doctor is shocked.
She was told today that she had 4 lesions on her colon but after the repeat Cat Scan 3 and 1/2 of them were gone. She has to repeat in 6 weeks.

Thank you Jesus and for the intercession from Fr. Englemar and all the saints!!!


Praise be to GOD!!


Praise to the Lord, The Almighty, the King of creation!


Praise His Name! That is wonderful news and I am SO happy for everyone involved!

God be with you!:thumbsup:


wonderful news! What a blessing :gopray2:




Glory and praise to His Almighty name!


praise God indeed!:slight_smile:


[LEFT]Great news, Judee…
The Goodness of The Lord endures
and lasts forever
Praise Him all His creatures
Praise Him all His saints
Let all that lives and breathes give praise to God

We give you thanks, Lord



Awesome! Continued prayer so that every trace of lesion will be gone, and definitely prayers of thanksgiving! :slight_smile:

~~ the phoenix

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