Praise reports.

Hi I’ll start this as a partner to the prayer request forums. This is for those prayers that are answered.

My report is that a Lecturer of mine had been a Catholic (for a brief period, don’t ask as I’m not at liberty to say but I think about a few months to a year) but converted to another religion soon after. I met him and we’d discuss after classes beliefs and such. His main problem was the trinity. I told him we aren’t meant to understand the trinity, thats why its called the Holy Mystery of the Trinity. I kept egging him on to come back. Recently he found an aspect of his new religion that disturbed him. I advised him to make confession and take Communion, as he was taking communion despite being apostate. He saw a priest, had general confession and received Our Lord in the Eucharist. He’s back now and will be speaking to a priest for further instruction. God is good!

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