Praise vs Worship

This was the first time I went to a charismatic prayer group at my church, and they were talking about how the group praises God but doesn’t do a lot of worshipping and that’s something they need to work on.
So my question is:
What is praise/ what constitutes as a praise?
What is worship/ what constitutes as a worship?

From the Modern Catholic Dictionary, an excellent source written by perhaps the 20th century’s greatest dogmatic theologian, Fr. John Hardon, S.J. (†)

PRAISE. To speak well of someone’s good qualities or deeds. It implies awareness of someone’s excellence, internal approval, and manifesting approbation of that which is praised. Strictly speaking, praise refers to activity, especially holiness in God and virtuous conduct in people. But the term is also applied to the character or nature of the one whose actions are praiseworthy.

WORSHIP. Acknowledgment of another’s worth, dignity, or superior position. In religion, worship is given either to God, and then it is adoration, or to the angels and saints, and it is called veneration. Divine worship actually includes three principal acts, namely adoration (or the recognition of God’s infinite perfection), prayer or the asking for divine help, and sacrifice or the offering of something precious to God. Worship as veneration also has three principal forms, whereby the angels and saints are honored for their sanctity, asked to intercede before the divine Majesty, and imitated in their love and service of God. (Etym. Old English weorthscipe, honor, dignity, reverence: weorth, worth +ship.)

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