Praised be Jesus Christ


I have a recollection of using the phrase “Praised be Jesus Christ” as a greeting, particuarly when addressing the clergy. Does anyone still use this form, or is there any form of Christian greeting that is in use today? Any thoughts?


Praised be Jesus Christ. -Forever and ever


Laudetur Iesus Christus
in saecula saeculorum!

Praised be Jesus Christ
Forever and Ever!


Ok. But do you actually say this to people when you meet?



Most people I know are not Christian, let alone Catholic, and would be offended or shocked and turned off if I said this out loud to them as a greeting.

It’s a beautiful prayer and I wanted to pray it here in this thread.

There’s no reason we can’t pray this or something similar – like “Blessed be God” – silently when we greet someone or say goodbye.

Many people are OK with “God Bless You.”


I say God Bless You to many people.


my priest usually ends his homiles with it… he would say the first line, and then the comgregation would say the last part with him.


I’m Czech (well, Moravian, specifically) and among the faithful, greetings along the lines of “Chvála Kristu” – “Na věky” (“Praise be to Christ” – “In all ages”) still occur here. I really enjoy using them. Also, to express gratitude, one may use the phrase “Pán Bůh zaplať” (“Lord God repay you”, literally).


Now and forever
forever. Amen.

We have that custom in our community of sometimes using that greeting, too.

Sr. Christina Marie, OSF


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