Prank turns deadly for Arkansas teen


(CNN) – A 15-year-old girl in Little Rock, Arkansas, is dead, police say, because of a prank that went horribly and tragically wrong.

Adrian Broadway was shot in the head and died early Saturday morning.

She was with a group of teenagers who had gone to a house to do a “retaliation” prank on another teen who’d done a prank on them on Halloween, according to the Little Rock Police Department.

The teenagers told police they had thrown toilet paper, eggs and mayonnaise on a car parked there.

As they were leaving, a man came out of the house and opened fire.

Broadway was struck in the head and died.


If they use a fist, you use a club. If they throw an egg, you use a gun.If someone throws popcorn you use a gun. The American way. Nothing wrong here.


Pater Noster…
Ave Maria…
Gloria Patri…



Why is this thread even being posted? Guns are good! They’re the fourth pillar of the Church - Scripture, Magisterium, Tradition and guns. Let’s not be sissy liberal beta males about this. :stuck_out_tongue:


Fourth pillar of the Church? Is this an attempt at sarcastic irreverence? Nothing wrong here. Its the American way? Should we trivialize or politicize this isolated tragedy?:frowning:


Sarcasm, yes, irreverence, no. My point was that we should neither trivialize this (“it’s inevitable, and anyway, guns do more good than harm”) nor politicize this (“I, President Obama, will personally ban all fathers of pranking teenagers from owning teh evil gunz!”) :slight_smile: Apologies if I gave offence.

(Besides, Christ told his apostles to carry swords. A sword is a weapon of honour.) :smiley:


Showing respect for other peoples property is often a sensible thing for a civilized society.

Shame some have to learn the hard way.


Guns are common tools for killing! We have no use for them in a civilized society. See the pain and heartache that they create!


Another sad story. Why the use of the gun? If you life is not in danger this is not what you do.

People need to start paying more attention and become less reactive and panicked in their reactions to everything. If one suspects something dangerous is going on call the police and wait for their arrival. Shooting off a gun should be a last resort.


Life > property

This and every unjust use of a gun should be politicized.


I found myself chuckling at the tone of your post. I wonder why I chuckled.

That probably wasn’t an appropriate response but I suppose your post was so succinct and so perfectly summarized the base notions of some in this nation.

Should I say BRAVO? Ummm. . . . I’m not sure.


You don’t learn anything when you’re dead.

Complete over-reaction, but an understandable one when guns are commonplace.

A “civilized society” is NOT one in which your first reaction is to reach for a gun.


Liberal sissy nonsense. :stuck_out_tongue:

Alpha males shall use guns, and the radical feminists shall pry them from our cold, dead hands! :smiley: :smiley:


Get thee to a confessional for daring to say this! :stuck_out_tongue:

And ask the entire Democratic party to join you!

Even a foreigner like me can see how un-American this ideology is! :wink:


You should try the Indian method - chucking chilly powder (think paprika x 1000) at miscreants. :smiley:


I agree, in a civilized society one should not be killed for egging a car, whether with a gun, club, or knife. However, it is not an understandable over-reaction. If you believe it is, you should not own a gun. Most people who own guns realize this would be an over-reaction. Which is why he has been arrested and charged.


Well, in a sense there are two Americas.

Is India as divided as the US. You guys have like 20 political parties or something. Does this spread the ire around more.

I do know that folks in Government get into fist fights so that has to be exciting.


A very good observation. But I dare say there’s also a third, which is getting sandwiched between those two, and which is waiting for its time to come. :slight_smile:

Is India as divided as the US.

Even more so. But it’s not on social or economic issues: it’s regional culture / language, religion, religious sub-group, caste, etc.

You guys have like 20 political parties or something. Does this spread the ire around more.

Yes and no. The 20 parties cater (more or less) to all the aforementioned divisions. In some places, this defuses the ire; in others, it has the opposite effect.

I do know that folks in Government get into fist fights so that has to be exciting.

Indeed it is! (In the good old days, they’d use their slippers as weapons instead of pepper spray.) :smiley:




I know I’ll probably need to go to confession for this, but:


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