PRAXIS II - Earth Science - Has anyone taken this test?

I am simply wondering if anyone here has (or know someone who has) taken the PRAXIS II: Earth Science subject matter test. I am going to be taking it in a few weeks and am hoping for any last minute (legitimate, i.e. not scam websites) tales of experience or advice.

That’s all. Thanks! :thumbsup:

I took the PRAXIS II for elementary education and I did extremely well on it, much better than I thought I would especially because I didn’t really spend too much time looking at the study guide I bought. :o So, don’t worry youself too much! You are probably going to do just fine if you’ve (mostly) paid attention in class. The PRAXIS tests are not nearly as hard as many people fear.
If you’re taking it in two weeks it is probably too late to buy a study guide, but looking over your college textbooks for any earth science classes you took would help a lot. Honestly, skimming over my textbooks helped me prepare much more than the official study guide!

Thank you for your reply :thumbsup:

I did by the Cliff Notes: Earth Science, as I saw positive reviews on it on Amazon and thought it could be a good refresher. I’ve taken Geology, Astronomy, Meteorology, and am currently enrolled in Oceanography I and II (crazy!) and a second Geology. Due to the timing of events and deadlines, I chose to sign up for PRAXIS II now rather than wait a year. Oceanography aside, I’ve taken (and aced) the basic courses for each of the subjects, so I’m hoping for good things :o

I agree with you on the study guides. However, I’ve heard both that the tests are very difficult and also very easy. Maybe it depends on the study habits of those who took it. I’ve been immersed in science texts for the last year, as well as some of my undergrad. So I’m really truly hoping :slight_smile:

I thought what better place to get advice than here. Thanks for your quick reply!

I took PRAXIS II for English (Integrated Language Arts) and was in the top 15%. I found the PRAXIS II easy. I know others who have taken it multiple times. I think it depends on how well life and previous education has prepared you. I used no study guides etc. I just felt very confident about it. If anything I would think about any areas you feel a little weak in and focus on those alone.

Good point. Thanks!

I took PRAXIS II with help of Praxis II test practice. This is the best place to get pass PRAXIS II easyl. i think this is the place for Praxis II study guide which u searching.
Best of luck Dude.

Thanks Shounwhite. I took the praxis 2 and passed it back in the fall. Next up: Middle School Science in April. Thanks again for your reply.

I took Praxis II Biology a while back. I used a study guide that I bougght from the Praxis website. It was somewhere around $50, but it was helpful.


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Praxis II

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