Pray (and call) for the Stupak-Pitts Amendment


The house is voting on the healthcare bill today. On the roll call is an amendment that opposes the use of federal funds for abortions. Please pray that this amendment passes. Also, please call your House representative. This link will guide you to his/her number…you’ll get their Wash. D.C. office, and it gives some talking points. It will only take a couple of minutes.

I humbly ask you to both pray and call.

You can go here and click on the link just above the picture of Pelosi and Reed.

God bless you and the unborn!


Wow, now I can post. Okay, gift horse.

Hopefully I am merely being overly sensitive but, I’m tracking that the language used excludes ‘women’ from federally funded abortions.

Has anyone else been snake bit by weasle words? Does anyone else have even a flash of minors being ‘shoehorned’ here.

I’m no lawyer, still.

Is anyone else wondering what to do when you don’t feel like financing an open contract on babies?

Thanks. This is motivating in a way, thinking about the eremitic/monastic route anyway.

I can live off of the land if need be, worst case. I can’t live off of blood money. It will all be blood money then.

Many say this healthcare plan is the end of our freedoms. Most that say this don’t seem to give to much import to the most basic right.

Never again, again.


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