Pray and fast for conversion of James White


Many believe that Mr. James White has led many people astray and makes his living by promoting anti-Catholicism.

It is my belief that Mr. White knows more than anyone how untruthful he is regarding the Catholic Church and that he is sort of “stuck” by making a good living out of Anti-Catholicism.

He is a smart man who needs the Holy Spirit to open his heart for change.

I am asking that all here who have such an opinion (or worse!) put their efforts into not bashing him, but praying for him this week.

I ask that you commit to a day of prayer and fasting for the conversion of James White on this coming Friday, May 11th.

Please “sign here” and commit to praying at least once every hour you are awake on Friday.

Please also commit to fasting from meat this Friday as a form of prayer for the conversion of James White.

Please also mention here if you have recruited someone (offline) to pray that day for him.


I pray too that he converts. His conversion would be the end of his life as he knows it though. In contrast to the Hahns or the hordes of Other Converts who are now “famous” in Catholic circles Mr. White’s situation is much much more difficult. For him to convert would mean the loss of everything. His educational degrees are essentially “fake” in that they are from far flung Non-accredited colleges. He has no academic credentials for him to work in the field of Catholic education. He is a pastor of a Church and has made his enitre living being an apologist of which a majority of his focus was on Catholicism.

I will pray for him because I know it would be a HUGE cross for him to bear. I sorta feel sorry for him.

I for one will jump on the “pray for James white” bandwagon.


I’m in…this has been on my heart for sometime so yes. Credentials aside, this man has a powerful gift and charisma that could be used to do so much good.


I have already included it in my Intentions for Friday’s fast. I will also include prayer for Friday the 11 th, but can not promise on every hour. :juggle:

A spiritual prayer communion, I can commit to. :gopray2:

Thank you for your beautiful thoughts on behalf of Mr. White. :tiphat:

God Bless


Thank you all for your throwing your prayer hats into the ring.
Anyone else want to join us in our Friday prayer?

As Father Corapi’s grandmother (and many others) said:

“Offer it up.”


“For the conversion of James White”?

This arrogantly assumes that he is not a Christian and lost in his sins.

If you are not arrogantly assuming that he is not a Christian, what on earth are you calling him to convert to?

Your church??


To the FULLNESS of the Gospel truth - the Catholic Church.
The original poster made the request respectfully and with humility.
Please be more respectful in your replies.


Why not? Aren’t you “arrogantly” arguing that all of us should leave “Romanism” for a “Bible Church”?

That aside, when a Protestant becomes a Catholic, we call it “conversion”. :clapping: :extrahappy: :dancing:

When a Protestant leaves one denomination to join another, we call it “just another Sunday”. :coffeeread: :yawn:


I’m in:tiphat:


We should be converting the lost to faith in Christ, not to our churches.


Perhaps your main interest is in others NOT becoming Catholic. I wonder if you would say the same to all those who try to “save” us “out of the Catholic Church” ? ?

Either way, I’m sure you’ll agree that we can pray if we’d like.

Perhaps you will join us by praying as well?

Might I suggest something along the lines of:

“Dear Lord, let Thy will be done in James White’s life”

Join us in prayer, Atemi?


No. My main interest is for us as Christians to use the correct terminology.

I wonder if you would say the same to all those who try to “save” us “out of the Catholic Church” ? ?

Yes. Anyone who assumes that every Catholic is unsaved is making the same error.


Either way, I’m sure you’ll agree that we can pray if we’d like.

Of course.

Perhaps you will join us by praying as well?

Might I suggest something along the lines of:

“Dear Lord, let Thy will be done in James White’s life”

But that is not what the OP is praying for.

I always pray for God’s will to be done. That is all that matters.


I didn’t want to spoil your intention. I don’t know much about Mr. White, and I think I should. However, in the statement above, I have a little question for you and hope you can help me clarify:

if you said you believe Mr. White knew him better than anybody, what reasons/evidences/ to prove that he is doing it for the money. Unless you have solid confidence, I don’t want to read someone else’s heart if I don’t know well.

The reason I am saying this is because there are many times we think we know others pretty well - inside out - but in fact, we don’t.

Nonetheless, I pray for Mr. White to know the whole Truth.



I said it was my belief that Mr White knows better than anyone what he is doing, not that I knew him better. It is my belief that Mr.White is sort of “stuck” in the role of Anti-Catholic.

If you don’t know him, his main thrust and focus in life can, in my opinion, and the opinion of many, many others, be called Anti-Catholic.

It can safely be said that Mr White has kept thousands of people from the fullness of truth in the Catholic Church. Only God knows one’s heart, certainly not me. But I can certainly suspect possible reasons for his continued efforts and misrepresentations.

I know for a fact that he, like all of us, could use more of the Holy Spirit in his heart. I will be praying for this.


Yes, it is your belief and your suspect,
Did you mean he couldn’t get out because of the good money he is making…?

that he is sort of “stuck” by **making a good living out of **anti-Catholicism.



Yes Atemi. The fullness of the Truth, The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, the Church founded by Christ, the Church build on the rock who is Peter, the Church guided by the Holy Spirit the third person of the Trinity.

The Catholic Church.


Will you be vigilant in reminding the many Protestants who visit this board of this
"fact" when they begin their rants against “Romanism”?

I don’t recall seeing you speaking up on this previously…


Yes. I think he stumbled upon a market and has made a career out of Anti-Catholicism. I think he has painted himself into a corner spiritually, and liken his situation to that of Jesse Jackson who has made a (more than) comfortable living out of supposed racism in America.

I don’t really know or care how much money he has made (certainly only a pittance compared to Jackson) and don’t begrudge anyone making a good living based in talking and writing about religion. I only care about his soul and those of the people he leeds astray.

I would hope he realizes that there is a strong market for books and speaking engagements for converted Catholics—probably larger than for some of his other material.

It’s not just money, though. There is certainly a lot of pressure on him at this point from those who support him and he would be labelled a traitor by many people. Not to mention the crow he would have to eat. No matter what he believes in his heart—there is no question it would be a difficult road to hoe.

I’m sure he’d scoff at this but…I actually feel sorry for him.

All of the above is strictly my opinion and is not necessarily important to the prayers for his conversion.


Then you keep seeking converts to your church and others can get about the business of converting souls to Christ.


I really feel strongly about this, James White has a tremendous gift of debate for sure I’ll give him credit where credit is due, but I do not feel this man is at peace or free in anyway. I feel that he is very angry and “wounded” comes to mind when I listen to him. He is an absolute debate addict harassing folks with e-mails and coercing them too debates.

I pray simply that God allows James to know His absolute mercy and love and that the things that brought him to this place can be healed. I think it’s important to keep in mind as we pray for him it’s not about scoring points for the team, like all of us James White is a human being in need of the mercy of Christ. I pray that he may recieve the fullness of Jesus in His church that James may come to know the power of the sacraments just as Patty Bonds has.

I am also going to devote more time to praying for our Protestant brothers and sisters here as well especially in the 3:00 hour, the hour of mercy.

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