Pray for a friend who now seems to hate me


Pray for me that I may be a better friend to others and if God wills it for this relationship to be healed.


:knight1: :signofcross: **Praying for you and your friend **:crossrc: :knight1:


I pray for healing and restoration in your friendship, that there might be reconciliation and forgiveness for the hurt that’s in there.


A very humble request. God bless you, and you and your friend are in my prayer.


God bless you! I’ll remember you and your friend in prayer.



I’ll pray for you and you friend. :gopray:


It is so good to have these prayers.

Thank you

God Bless you!




Our Lady of Victories, guide, guard and protect…



I’ll pray for you and your friend.




Bless you for giving it a last try, prayers for you both and any new friends you make, and the ones that you keep from the past


Praying for your friendship…




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