Pray for a Friend who was convinced he was homosexual


I have this friend, Michael, who I met last year. He was convinced then that he was homosexual. I did the only thing I could think of and got him a perpetual enrollment in the Miraculous Medal Association as well a membership with FOSS in which I arrange a mass each year for the souls in purgatory and Michael benefits from all the masses as well as the prayers of the souls in purgatory.

Yet he does not keep contact with me anymore and I have no idea how he is doing.


I will pray for your friend.:gopray:


Me too!


Me three !!


Please keep the prayers going. I finally decided to try to contact Michael from my alternate Yahoo email address. He responded so this might be a break through for a second chance to talk to him and tell him my concerns for his future. Time will tell. Thank you.


I’ll be praying for your friend.:gopray:


I know how you feel as I have many acquaintances who are active homosexuals. I’m praying for their conversion of heart and that they will be able to find the Light.

I’ll pray for him.


I’ll pray for him.


The more prayer, the better, add me to the list of those praying


Your friend is in my prayers.


Good sign. He has responded again. Although it was only to say that he’s not ignoring me but just not ready for a real life friendship right now. He says he is going through a transitional phase.


:byzsoc: :gopray:


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