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:flowers:I ask anyone who is tired to partisanship, debates, mudd slinging and character assasinations to pray for a local politician in Erie, Pennsylvania. Jim Thompson has been on the City of Erie City Council for three terms and on the Fourth of July, was forced to face his mortality when diagnosed with a rare bone marrow cancer.
Ussually I would not be doing anything to help or show support for a local politician, actually, it would be more in my character to be posting a thread advocating for them all to be fired and replaced with plants or computers, however, I have been following this mans battle in the papers and am moved by his openness to talk about God and his Faith. Two things that politicians merely apply lip service to however, I do my homework on all things and although he is a Democrat (Jesus loves us all!), he started a great floral business, employs local people, does not seem to be a Marxist, but, back to what is most important is keeping God in Politics. Not some hippie, everythings cool, you can be your own God type, the One True God manifest in 3 persons.
My fight is against the insidious Disease of Addiction, however, like Alcoholism/Drug Addiction, Cancer does not Discriminate, is often looked at as a hopeless death sentence and strikes at its own will. This Feast Day of St. Ambrose, during this Holy Season, gives us all the chance to show the world what Man says is Hopeless, is merely God's invitation for we who profess and believe in our Faith to show his Power over the Impossible and as St. Ambrose showed, How God brings Emporrors to their Knee's, How God uses people's weaknesses to make them strong and that Christ has dominion over ALL & He has already Destroyed Death.:twocents:
Please, even if not a forum memebr, Jot down a quick prayer, if a regular poster, follow this thread and invite others to do so; praying for Counselor Thompson, his family, the City of Erie, All who suffer from Cancer (slip a quick one in for the Addicted, an extra for the Advent season), Invoke our Blessed Mother and show the Power and Might of God's Laws over Man and how much he truly loves us all, always reminding us: "You are my precious son, I made you to bring me joy, I love you so much I sent my only begotten Son to pardon you of sin, You are perfect in my eyes, I will never leave you, I love you and you are Mine". :heart:
[SIGN]God Bless and Keep you All, Lets Act on this Chance to Give God Glory through Jim Thompson's Cancer Battle. We are given the Opportunity to do this Everyday, please put Faith into Action on this one,
Rob Widing - Another hopeless Alcoholic, dead in body, mind in soul 2y1m ago.
Mgr. Victoria House - Sober two years by the Grace of God alone.[/SIGN]
~ The Dead do Rise Everyday, Miracles happen every Second, Pick Up a Paper and See the Opportunities God is Giving us Everyday to do the Extraoardinary ~:okpeople:


May the “sea” dry up all around you, may a new understanding of the “New Heaven and New Earth Descending From Above” find a place in your heart, May you hear the Voice of the “Good Shepherd”, May You be “Justified in Faith, not adherence to Old Laws and Old Customs”, May You Find New Life in Lightening the “Yolk too Heavy for Anyone to Bear” and be Raised Up as a Shining Living Light of the Power of the Spoken Word of God, that He May be Glorified in the Works and Deeds of whom he Calls to Himself.:shrug:




The City of Erie is holding a blood drive (red cross sponsored I think?) annually for Councilor Jim Thompson. I pray all those with the ability to donate blood to do do so; this especially in light of my Mothers Breast Cancer Diagnosis and the needed yet painful and exhausting surgeries. Please pray for all with cancer, continue praying for Mr. Thompson, Judi Widing those who are told they are facing the impossible and all others whom are fighting this horrible disease. Pray that the Lord Bless and Keep all us affected by this disease, the Lord’s face Shine and Protect us.
“God Grant me the Serenity to Accept the things I cannot Change, the Courage to Change the Things I Can; and the Wisdom to know the Difference”. Amen.


Praying for those affected by this deadly disease …


I’d Like to offer my prayers for the Repose of Jim Thompson’s Soul who died this Morning according to the Erie Times-News. I would ask for anyone to put aside politics and pray for his family and friends during this time of mourning.

A Link to a brief Article from the Erie Times News.

“Blessed Are Those Who Mourn, They Will Be Comforted.”


I shall pray for the soul of Jim Thompson.

God bless you



Lord, may Jim and all those suffering from disease find in you a sure refuge and strength. May they grow closer to you with every day they suffer and one day be completely healed if this is your will. Bless Rwiding and keep him safe under the mantle of your holy Mother’s love and purity. Holy Mary, I recommend Rwiding and Jim to you and ask you to grant them peace of mind, helps for their eternal salvation, and hearts burning with love for your Son. Amen.


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