Pray for all the people affected by the flooding in SE MN and W WI


There has been massive flooding with 8-17in+ of rain in Southeast Minnesota and west central Wisconsin in the Winona/LaCrosse areas. Six people are known dead and hundreds are displaced by the flooding.

Please pray for all the people involved in this freak downpour from Mother Nature.


Will keep these all involved in the flooding … and floods occuring in many places…in prayer…


I’ll be keeping them in my prayers.


Praying for these people…


We are currently in a drought here in Alabama. When we see the pictures of the flooding it makes us thankful for our drought. God Bless these people.


Prayers for all those affected by the terrible weather conditions this year…So many areas flooded, others parched… Horrible heat waves…
Heavenly Father, we bow before Your throne of grace, intreating Your mercies for those suffering from the horrific weather conditions in our country, and around the world.
In the Name of Your Son, our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ, we ask for them to be strengthened, helped & protected, in a very special way. May they become especially conscious of the Presence of Your Holy Spirit today, & always.


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