Pray for Benedict the Brave


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Wednesday September 20th marks the one week anniversary of Pope Benedict’s address at the University of Regensburg. In the days that followed we have seen an escalation in threats, violent rhetoric and actual violence against Christians by radical Islamic extremists. Several threats on Benedict’s life have been made public.
I would like to invite all Christians, Roman Catholic, Eastern Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Anglican or Protestant to join me in making this Wednesday, September 20th a special of day of united Christian action. Please join by offering prayer, fasting, penance or almsgiving for the intention of Pope Benedict’s safety and a peaceful resolution for this situation.

Yours in Christ,
David (an Eastern Orthodox Christian)
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I agree with you, David. Let us pray.


Amen :gopray2:

God bless and protect your servant, our Holy Father Benedict XVI


Sounds like a great idea. Count me in! :thumbsup:


I’m in, too. Wonderful idea.


I’m in.





God please bless Pope Benedict the Brave


Let us join together in prayer that our Pope be understood properly. Understanding presupposes not only the clarity of the meesage but also the receptiveness of the hearer. I don’t think the address of by the Pope at Germany where he called forth dialogue with the muslim breatheren required a clarification as the same was self explanatory. Let the commentators first try to understand and do their part of the job instead of enjoying the joy of the psychic pride of having an apology from the Pontiff. Let the gospel be proclaimed with clarity and compassion, irrespective of the diabolic stand taken by others to scuttle the same. I agree with the request for prayers for the Pope that he may be better understood in his fidelity to the Gospel.


“Benedict the Brave”?

What’s up with our fascination with adjectives for popes…

We need to pray for a lot more than just the Pope if we are gonna solve the rubik’s cube that is christian/muslim relations.


I’m in.:gopray:


Don’t you think that this is a start?


For people who feel endeared to our Pontiffs, I think it’s quite natural to add adjectives of admiration and affection. Does “John Paul the Great” offend you as well?


I’m not sure what your issue is over the adjective. What I do know is that of course there are many problems but putting them on a rational basis is a step in the right direction. So, we pray for Pope Benedict the Brave.



I love this slogan. Let the liberals have their opinions. They can think about us whatever they like.

This is awsome.


Actually there’s nothing wrong with an added adjective if it’s earned. I’d not call B16 “The Brave.” Whom did he confront and for how long? The business with the Regensburg conference was purely academic and the noise has already died down. No bravery there IMO.

Want to name a Pope “The Brave”? Try Pius XII. He had to deal with the Nazis for six years and the Communists for another five. And confrontation was continual.

It’s too early to give B16 an extra title.


Don’t confuse religion with politics. Conservatism is no more a guarantee of orthodoxy than is liberalism. Whichever side of the political aisle we sit on (and I sit on the left) we can practice an orthodox Catholicism.


Yes, I agree!


Benedict Rocks :cool:

I pray for this wonderful man everyday.

As you can see from my signature I’m a fan. :smiley:


I’m in!

Prayers and Rosaries for Pope Benedict the Brave!

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