Pray for conversion of family members

Please pray for the conversion of severl of my family members. I have one in particular that is soooo close to the faith but he just doesn’t know it. He recently told me that he did not wish to discuss religion with me. So all I can do is pray.

I’m not sure how to do this so if I need to post names, just let me know.

Thank you.

Dear Mary,

I don’t know what the official protocol is here, but if you want, you can message me their first names and I will put them on my prayer list. I also have several family members who have fallen away from their faith and I pray for them daily as well.

God bless,

Thank you Bryan. I just pm’d you.

If the mods allow, I’ll post their names here…mods?

Dear LittleMary,

Praying for the person in your family who is Sooo close to conversion. It’ll happen! God bless you.


Thank you! To clarify, he is not consciously considering it - quite the contrary. It’s just that a lot of his thinking is oh so Catholic and he doesn’t realize it. :gopray2:

And he won’t discuss it with me. I must have really turned him off:blush: :blush: So at this point, I think my job is to just pray!!

God’s will be done.

Little Mary:
I believe first names are permitted, but any more detailed information should not be given without permission from the person being identified.
In any case we can pray for your family without knowing details. I’ll say a Rosary for them. :signofcross:

Thank you!:slight_smile:

Little Mary,

That’s o.k. if he doesn’t realize it. I think you’re right in praying for him; the Holy Spirit will cause his conversion and we can help with our prayers. Will keep praying!!:slight_smile:

How absolutely horrible! How can you want to convert people… That’ll just make them more averted and opposed because you’re imposing on them… Let them be how they want to be, whether it be Christian, Muslim, Pagan, Hindu, Buddhist, New Age, or even Satanist… Just leave them alone, they’ll find out where they belong, they don’t need you commanding or compelling them how they should be…

To hell with trying to convert people, that’s not what Catholics should be doing… Catholics should be out on the street helping and volunteering with the community, setting a moral example for everyone else. Live by example. Don’t convert people by imposing…

Lord, you bring people closer to the truth, and guide us towards it. Bring home these people to the Church, that they might find You there, and truly to have one flock and one Shepherd.


I think your post is inapproriate. Foul language is not appropriate and this thread is for the conversion of people. I don’t think we, at least I, am saying that “we” convert people of other faiths, but that we pray for their conversion and only God can do that. We help with our prayers. Are you Catholic?


I’m wondering, what foul language did I use?? I looked through, but I can’t find anything foul… I grew up as a catholic, but live as a buddhist practitioner. My older brothers, dad, and grandparents are very big born again christians, and they don’t like the fact that I’m different. They tried to convert me at one time which was a failure, and then they haven’t talked to me since.

I challenge the dogmatic ways that people tend to not question. I’ve enough mormon people stopping by my house trying to convert me, no more is needed… Perhaps you need to be converted to get rid of your self attachment to your religion. Have an open mind, question and doubt and contemplate and test and check up logically until you’ve found some truth. That’s what I think.

Dear Jedi:

I think that your strong antangonistic stance says something about your feelings towards anyone different than you. No one is judging you or condemning you. Why are you on this thread, if I may ask?:confused: You don’t have to be Christian, Catholic or anything for that matter. However, I, as a Catholic, know the true faith. No one will ever change my mind. Jesus Christ is the authority and the truth. I only have to look to Him.

God bless.

I’m not antagonistic, I’m just amazed at how some people think… I’ve grown up with the Catholic doctine in my face for 12 years, but never understood why anyone gets so involved in it. After about 3rd grade, it just becomes silly. Also I love people of difference, I’ve lived in many different countries with much diversity in each one. My best friends from high school are muslim, buddhist, christian, and atheist.

Here’s what I think… You accept this god and jesus guy so easily just because you feel like maybe it feels “good” and right, when there’s actually no evidence of any creator or heaven, or hell, or sin, etc… It’s just like a fairy tale book, I could believe they’re real because the book says so, but you’d disagree with me. The only truths that one can really ever find are the moral examples that we can implement into our own lives.

How do you know that that isn’t why I am where I am? Or anybody else here for that matter? You sound as if you are the only one who has done this. :tsktsk:

My relative that I am praying for refuses to do what you suggest above.

**I **want him to embrace Catholic beliefs, but I end all my prayers with “God’s will be done”. (see one of my earlier posts).

You are entitled to your opinions, but I did not start this thread to get opinions. I asked for prayers.

Don’t let the door hitcha on the way out:D !!! :wink:


There. That’s better.

Praying for you Jedi.:smiley:

I pray(aka - motivate my actions) that people won’t convert to any religion, but will find out truth, facts, and reality for themselves.

Keeping your family members in prayer…
St. Rita pray for them

Thanks to all for praying for them!
Prayers of thanks going up for the wonderful people I meet on these forums!:slight_smile:

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