Pray for daughter has taken up smoking


I pray and encourage prayers that my daughter stops smoking. She is 18 years old and her circle of friends are smokers. She does not smoke at home and tries to hide her habit.

Thank you



praying that she quits!!!


My prayers for your daughter!


Blessed Matt Talbot is a patron of addicts.

Mind you, if the worst thing she does is smoking you’ll be getting off very lightly … :yup:


Praying hard for your daughter and all smokers. I hate to see young people in particular smoking. Smoking is so destructive to a person’s health as well as their pocketbook.



I pray for her health and strength to overcome this habit. May the Holy Spirit give her that strength and wisdom to lead a healthier life.




Will pray for your daughter that she will wake up to the dangers and indeed great expense of smoking before things take a hold on her and it becomes an addiction…


I will pray for your daughter…


I’m unfortunately a smoker. I’m really praying that she stop now while she still can…


I’m a former smoker who started in college because of peer pressure. Once I found better friends after graduation who didn’t smoke and convinced me of the risks and thought it was disgusting, I stopped!! I pray she finds the courage to stop as well. :o


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