Pray for Dr. Michael L. Brown, Messianic Apologist

As a Protestant, I used to love Dr. Brown’s ministry, books, etc.; he’s been so blessed to bring the light of Messiah to many Jews and non-Jews alike. I was curious to see where he stood on the Catholic Church. When I found out, I was crushed. It’s tragically ironic how someone so knowledgeable - who cares so much about the Jewish roots of Christianity - is so ignorant of, and opposed to, the Church.

This is what I saw today, and I just had the biggest burden to pray for him.

I wonder if any Catholics from a Jewish background have tried to contact him: I’ve contacted Catholics for Israel, Dr. Lawrence Feingold, and Roy Schoeman. It would be great if someone could reach out to him in charity for the sake of truth.

It seems to me that “Messianic Judaism,” to varying degrees, is Protestant Christianity in its basic framework, but “dressed up” to seem more authentically Jewish. All these groups and worldviews, in some way, seem to have to hold to a great apostasy theory, either explicitly or implicitly, by necessity, in order to usurp the historic, apostolic Church, and put themselves in Her place and claim legitimacy as “the True Church.” Otherwise, they have to face the historicity of the Catholic Church head-on, and deal with what the Church says about Herself, rather than what people and groups say about Her. And it appears Dr. Brown doesn’t want to do that, at least at this time.

I pray that the Lord would plant and water seeds in his heart and life, and bring him home to the fullness of the faith.

Please remember him in your prayers.

God bless,


Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.


I’m familiar with Dr. Brown’s work, whom I first encountered when doing research about Orthodox Judaism, and then when I was listening to things by James White.

I will try to say some prayers for him later, and for all Protestants to be given the Graces to become fully Catholic.

Incidentally, Dustin, it’s fun to see you here! I listened to a bit of your testimony on Roy’s program the other day, although I have to admit that I usually tune out of the conversion stories. I like Roy’s program for Roy, and I wish he’d do a bit more teaching sometimes! :slight_smile:

Praise the Lord! God bless :slight_smile:

You raise some great points, KLM789. The Holy Spirit was actually working on me today, on this precise issue: I do need to be more humble when dealing with people who “don’t get it,” and remember that I was where they once were; so that should produce more charity and patience on my part.

I’m happy the Lord could give me some confirmation; thanks so much for the reminder!

And I hope I didn’t give the impression that Dr. Brown needs prayer, but I don’t. Far be it: I need the SAME prayers and grace he (and we) ALL do.

God bless.

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