Pray for Erin


I am asking for prayers for my neice Erin who is suffering from Chron’s disease for several years now. She is in her mid-twenties now but looks fortyish. This once beautiful girl is getting worse and needs improvement desperately. Please pray for her!



Erin is in my prayers. :gopray:


I pray that God will give her comfort, and that those around her will see her inner beauty, which is more important than what is outside.


You have given us grace at this time to offer You a common prayer together and have promised that when two or three are gathered together in Your name, that You will grant their requests; fulfill, Lord, the prayers of Your servants, which are for Erins welfare, grant the knowledge of Your truth, and the healing of the body, in this world and life everlasting in the world to come. Amen.


Lord heal Erin of this disease and strengthen her . Lord she needs you now lord heal her and make her whole . Thank you lord , in the name of Jesus , lord let it be by your grace and mercy ! amen . / John


Will offer this up at my next rosary


Will keep Erin in prayer…


Prayers for Erin.


Praying for Erin…


Praying for Erin… God heal Erin from this disease. Allow the doctors to treat Erin with the greatest of care.


Many thanks to all of you for praying for Erin. It’s greatly appreciated. I dread the thought of someone so young having to suffer for many years with this chronic disease.




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