Pray for Francisco, PLEASE! 10 years old w/ leukemia

I can’t find where the prayer requests go, so I’m sure the mods will move this, but:

Please, all of you, pray for one of my students, Francisco (10 years old). They found out yesterday he has leukemia. They put the stint in for chemo today and started that. It about killed me, seeing him lying in that hospital bed. Many thanks.

Will pray for him—and for his family.

Of course I’ll keep Francisco in my prayers. I’ll say a prayer to St. Francis who I’m sure must be his patron.

And the prayer intentions can go here-


I will definitely say a prayer for him.

I will pray for him tonight.

I’ll be praying for Francisco. :gopray:

Brings tears to my eyes as I have a boy that age too.
I will pray for healing and strength for Francisco and his family.

Praying. . .please keep us updated if you can. God bless young Francisco and his family.

Prayers, especially to St Francis and St Peregrine.

Praying for Francisco.

My prayers are with Francisco. Please let us know how he is doing.


Is he doing any better?

Prayers and intercession of St. Jude and St. Peregrine to help Francisco and his family through this trying and anxious time.

Praying for him and asking Blessed Francisco to pray for him as well.

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